And that weapon have been trigerred as soon Maurice have placed the glass on that table, and when i have been capable to catch you arm in those seconds, we have been able to run away from that pale creature, and Molly have made us vanish.
But as soon that creature have been able to came out from the pub, and he have been not able to track us down, have cameback inside the pub, and he have called all those creature under his control, chasing away his guests at his table. 

After that fortuitous meeting, he have ordered Maurice to close the pub, and send away all the creatures who hadn’t nothing to do with him and his creatures.
Maurice, had attended to another reunion like that, and he was the only one other creature, don’t from the portal, who have could assist to them.
Maurice had to have thousand eyes and ears for each orders that those creatures asking him, and  for how the creature had chasing away the inhabitants threating them, he have thought: “It have be a very unexpected thing what my friends have done.” Maurice hadn’t never seen the pale creature so nervous. 

He had given orders to everybody, and from the pocket of his leather waistcoast, he had pulled out a map of the city, and he had given precise orders at each creatures at that table.
He was talking in a strange language, but it seemed that it was only Maurice to don’t understand it, because each creatures were nodding and they have replied with the same vocabolary, and from what the barman was comprehending, the pale creature was giving to himself the guilt to don’t have been careful. 
He would have to know that within few time, we would  be arrived, but he was  conviced that never  you have would came in that pub, and so he was so calm.

Instead what Maurice had noticed in that reunion, was his furious, and the more he pointed the map, the more his voice go upper, and also if he have don’t uderstand anything of what he was sayng, Maurice had  totally understand, he was angry.
And each time Maurice have been called at the table, the adrenaline of the barman,  got upper, and his fear to reply at several questions, was increasing. But at the moment, he have been called only to take orders, but at end, he would been called to reply to some questions, and he have would knew it, only by the tone of voice of the pale creature.

Maurice was a taciturn creature,  and his side of his character did like very much to the pale creature, even because he didn’t have never annoyed that one who seemed one of the subordinate of the leaders, but now Maurice had to pull out all his courage to say him the biggest lie that he had to invent. 
In the latest hours the counter in front of him , it have been more clean than usual, and he had washed three or four time the glasses that he had in front, and each time he have dry them, he was throwing a quick glance toward that table full of those creatures who were talking aloud, debating in which place that subordinate had to and wanted placed them.

And only when the pale creature had given precises places to each of those noisy creatures, he have looked at them one by one, and he have screamed: “GO!”, and in hurry those other creatures have left the pub, and in a blink, were remained him and Maurice.

And Maurice hadn’t realized how silent was the pub till that moment. That atmosphere seemed almost freezed, and how much he had wished that outside the pub, now it was our friend, the fairy, to overturn that situation.
The two have shared a glance, almost of waiting.
And when the pale creature have called Maurice, he have made him understand reach him.
Maurice with the same glass in hand, have nodded, and when he have placed the glass on the counter, he sighed between himself and himself: “Here we are!” and with slowness, he have come closer to that table.
And when the pale creature have made him understand that he could bring away all the glasses in front of him, he would have place better the map, Maurice have shy looked at him, and he have collected every glasses on that big tray he had brang.

But when he was about to go away, the pale creature have blocked him with his cold hold, and he have said: ” Wait a minute, i want to share some words with you.”
Maurice have felt a shiver crossing his back, and with a forced smile, he have placed the tray on a cart where there were others glasses”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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