It was time

That i haven’t saw that small flag in my open diary. 
You have made me beat my heart so strong.
And even if i don’t know if you are real you, monthly that flag appears for magic, i want think it’s you.

I missed you so much. But our closeness have been so strong each day.
And dive in Our Parallel World in these days have been so intimate.
What we have done have been wonderful. 
Then that flag…. our closeness is very close. 
We can feel what each of us feel despite real distance. 

My heart still beating so strong, and in these instants i can feel our connection have becoming stronger than ever.
I check the clock, and it’s our time.
It is so wonderful when everything turn toward the right direction, and our souls are touching delicately in that universe that we have buildt, and you have took  a look on what i have wrote.

It’s 19&19 and everything is turning toward us. 
Our heart beat unison, and your smile embrace me, while your words are taking me inside your shed where have born everything, and i think to that visualization came few time ago, and seeing your time most likely, it’s you…. and that’s make me beating heart stronger than before.

There is nothing to do, we are bonded strongly. 
I think you, and you are think of me.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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