That sensation inside of us was going away very slow. 
We remained breathless and we have continuing feel those small contractions inside our bodies, and that sweet bitter smell that we had still continuing feel, was the most beautiful smell we could feel in those instants, above all for you. 
Those smell were our fluids that were still merging one another, and we were one inside another.

You was above me, and delicately you was caressing my face, looking at me straight into the eyes, and i was fascinated by your way you was staring at me, while that bitter sweet smell was around and delicately it have made us excite a bit more, and with a sensual glance you have made me understand that you wanted feel me still wet, and when your desire have came out from me, you have touched my leg, and you have enlarged it still once more, and your hand, from my belly have went down till groin, very slow you have reached, once again our point of pleasure, and looking at me always deepr you have wante see the precise moment in which i would have heard your other penetration, and when you have heard my breath breaking in throat, you have looked at me with wide eyes open and slowly you have continued go on and start move your finger always faster, till that bitter sweet smell have swamp the whole aparment, while you was looking at me reaching the second orgasm, feeling your finger, tight by my faster contractions, that little by little have disincreased.

While the orgasm running inside me, you was looking at blooming my beauty, and when the orgasm have ending, i have opened the eyes, and when i have meet your glance, you have said: “I love you so much. When you reach the pleasure, you are the most beautiful girl of this universe. You are marvellous” and sniffing your finger you have sighed: “And then this smell…your smell, i have could crazy for it.”

I have looked at you with heart that was beating strong, and so when i have realized that you had pulled your finger out, delicately i taken your hand, and i place your finger in that little paradise among my legs, that was still wet and i have inserted it inside me once again, but then have pulled it out, i have made you sniff it and then i have licked it, without never stick off my glance from you. 
And with this latest gesture, you have sighed a couple of time my name, and right after, you have given me one of the most passionate kiss. And now you was fully tasting all my passion. 
Looking at me once again, you have said: “You are fantastic!”
“And you know how to excite me…” i have sighed, caressing your face, touching your lips, looking at you straight into those two blue eyes.

We were in that sensual, magical atmosphere with the most intimate our smells that were running around us, and we wanted remained so in that primordial bubble, but we hadn’t to forget our friends and what we had done hours ago.
You had given proof of an enormous will strenght, challenging one of the first creature  who had crossed the portal,  making him understand that you would have do everything to defend everything he would have wanted destroy.
Now, we had to only comprehend what it was.

For a bit we have discussed on how we could move ourselves, but then you have looked at me sweetly, and looking at you around, you have taken my hand sniffing and kissing it, searching to feel that smell, but it there wasn’t no longer, and with the sofest tone of voice you have said: “I really don’t believe that they can do something tonight. They know about us, but without their leader, they aren’t creatures in searching of trouble, but as long as, they haven’t orders, they can only check the situation, and now they will have to have eyes on everybody in town. Tonight they have tasted the savour of the unexpected…” and so you have looked at me straight into the eyes. I have shy smiled you, and i have remembered you that we also, had to being prepared to anything. 

We had triggered a weapon at double blade, but now we had only to wait, and looking at me straight into the eyes, you have said me: “At all this, we can think tomorrow., now we have to rest” and so you have looked at me and you have welcomed me between your arms, and you have tightened me to you, whspering how it have been marvellous what we had done.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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