That crowd inside the pub all of a sudden, have moltiplicate, and have prevented to the pale creature to reach the main entrance from where you have came out.
I was on threshold, and when i have been capable to take your hand, and drag you out, i have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and only when i have said: “Come on, it’s done!”, you have thrown a last glance to that creature inside the pub through the big glass door, and you both have looked at each other, with a challenge glance.

I was calmest knowing you outside and with your hand in mine.
Molly and Jules have reached us, and the fairy have adviced us to move away from that place, and i always with you close to me, and i repeated what Molly as soon said. But you seemed determined to remain there. 
“I know what ‘s running in your mind, but it’s better to go!” i have said you.

We were still nearby the pub, but a bit isolated. Molly have looked at herself  around, and seen nobody, and she have used her magic, and in a blink we everybody have found ourselves, in front of the apartment that Jules had found. 
With not much surprise, we have checked that nobody had found the way to follow us, and when Jules have assured us that everything was ok, he have looked at Molly, and without say anything, he have made her understand, that now it was time to leave us alone, but before to go away, you have made them to enter in the aparment, to make the point of the situation.
They have agreed, and as host, Jules have prepared something to drink.

You seemed still hypnotized by that glance that that one pale creature had thrown toward you throught the door of the pub, and your thoughts were above all for Maurice, but immediately Molly have assured you that he was ok, and that some threats would not have made close that pub.
Only few minutes after you seemed waken from that strange state in which you fallen, and you have looked at everybody as it was the first time after the meeting with that pale creature.
You was conscious, but a bit confused. 
And only after everybody had taken awareness, that situation point would been better examine it, the next day, Jules have looked at Molly, and they have left us. That evening in the aparment we would been alone.

Without ask where they would went, Jules have replied me: ” I will be nearby, don’t worry.” and Molly would be back to Lewis. I have thanked them very much. They have looked at you, and Jules have said: “This evening i have seen what are you made of. Rest yourself. I will be nearby. See you tomorrow”, and so we have saluted even Molly, and only when i have closed the door, for a couple of seconds, i remained on the threshold looking at you. 

Only when you have said: “Come” i have approached to the sofa, and standing in front of you, you have took my hips, and your hand went to caress my inner thighs, and impulsively, i have lifted the head up, closing the eyes, but right after, i have lowered the face and our glance have meet each other, and very slow you got up, and you have wanted my back against your chest, while you was lifting the skirt i had on.
I have grabbed your hips, and i have tightened them strong, while i was feeling your hand always more between my thighs, and only when i have felt your hand touching my panties, i have turned toward you, and looking at you straight into your eyes, sighing “Snatch them”, and when i felt them slide away down from the legs, i have helped you to penetrate me wildly, while our tongues looking for each other in kisses passionate.

In that overwhelm passion we have walked through that aparment, but at end we have found ourselves on the ground, while you still was making enjoy myself with your small penetration, and my moans were the only sounds you wanted hear increase, and the more you was feeling i go wet, the more your desire was growing, and only when you haven’t made it no longer, you have looked at me deeply and you have took off the pants, while i was looking at you wishing to feel you completely inside me, and when you have penetrated me, starting to thrust you more inside, your moans have reached mine. 

And only when you have blocked me the hands over the head, we have looked at each other deeply, because we were reaching the the peack of pleasure at the same time, and in those latest thrust, seemed you had violated me, but then everything have became so beautiful. You, me, our united bodies, and everything what we were feeling. 
All this have made us forget what we had passed in that pub, and above all,  that glance of that pale creature.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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