Our minds

Are about to connect each other. I feel they are pulsing at unison, and looking at the clock it this the time, and i feel that Our Parallel World is raising around us, and despite our distance, it is enveloping around us and it make us approach closer.

I have close the eyes and i feel your embrace around my belly, and your breathe make me forget everything, and your eyes are the only oceans in which i want dive. 
I want to caress your chest trought that blue satin pajama, and maybe make it slide over your shoulders, and see your reaction, while i biting my lips.

Your eyes inside mine, and your sweet breathe wrapping me, and delicate your phrases, in which you say me: “Nobody have made me slide it so delicately.”
I look at you, and your arms tight my hips, and you start our slow dance, while i lift my glance and i dive inside your eyes.
Our hearts have started beat strong, and we can feel our connection have began.

I continue to caress you, and you move me. 
Slowly we taken the flight. Our Parallel World is waiting for us.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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