Before to give the way at that plan, you have turned and have looked at the barman, and looking at him who was preparing himself with a long ceremony, you have asked what was his name, and the barman, a thin and very tall brownish creature, have stared at you, almost astonished. 
By now, at nobody didn’t care what’s name of that creature at counter.
With a trembling voice, he have said:”It’s Maurice, sir!”

We everybody have looked at him, and we have smiled, and we have presented ourselves.
Only when you have started to speak, Maurice have looked at you straight into the eyes, and have heard each single word that you was saying him.
“There is it have to being a perfect synchronicity between you and me. When you will place the glass on the table, surely, he will ask you why of this glass, and you at that time, you will indicate me, while i will pass in front of you and, by force, our glances will be crosssing each other… and at that point he will have to recognize me. But at that point we will be out from the pub.”

Maurice had perfectly understand what he had to do, and for him, it was a normal thing, but also if we not were capable to read the mind, we had perceived his fear to failing.
In that final glance, Maurice have been more convicing, and taking that alluminium tray with the drink lean on it he have thrown away all the air from the lungs and it was the first very time, from the occupation of that creature, he leaving the counter without nobody behind.

He have looked at us, pulling up the wooden room-divider of the counter. 
And already when he have put his long foot on that ground, some glances of several creatures , were set on him, and they have looking at him very strange, murmuring the same sentence: “What he is doing here?”
But Maurice, with his black waistcoast, white long sleeves shirt and white long cotton apron, he seemed being estranged himself from all those glances, and he was directing toward that one only table where the occupants were busy to think other things.

All of a sudden, it have fallen the silence, and even the music seemed have stopped, and certainly it wasn’t Molly with her magic. Someone inside, had turned off the jukebox, and now everybody were looking at Maurice with that tray over the shoulder, who was walking directly toward the table of that thin pale creature.
Maybe that sudden silence it was that something more that you had expected. 
Now everybody were looking at Maurice, and they haven’t pay attention to us.

Maurice was crossing that long aisle with many creatures in the middle, and we had noticed that from the notorius glass hadn’t poured not even a drop, and only when he had crossed a column next that table, you have looked at me and in a sigh, you have said: “It’s time”, and sweetly you have taken my hand, and me have looked at Jules who have jumped on his stool, taking some sips from that glass that had have in front till now and that he hadn’t touched.

Very slow, we have came closer to the column, and before turn the obstacle, Maurice have looked at us, and with a tiny beckon, you have given him a small encouragement, and he have nodded. 
From where he have stopped: just a bit earlier of the concrete column, the costumers of that table could not see him.
So he have could take all the courage, and he have thrown away all that air that he had, and it seemed that he had held back the breathe that still he had, to walk.

It seemed that his heart was entered in our chest, and we have could hear his tension.
Only when Maurice have crossed the column, that pale creature and his guests have looked at him with wide eyes open, as if he had interrupted an important business reunion, and immediately he said: “What are doing here? Why you are not at your place?… and what shit is it this?”
For those instants after, everything seemed still more got slower, and the Maurice reply seemed didn’t never arrive.
And it didn’t arrive because the glance of that pale creature had almost hypnotized the barman, but all of a sudden, Maurice have stick off the glance from that creature, he acted what you had say to tell.

“Who?”  had repeated the pale creature, always more annoyed from that interruption, and Maurice have repeated the same answer, indicating us. 
You have made came out the others, but i have remained in the midde of the entrance waiting for you, who are remained in that still local, when Maurice have named you. 

In those endless seconds everything around you and that pale creature, was vanished: also my voice was far away from you, and only when you have looked at him straight into his eyes, you have sighed: “You had to be more carefully, we have entered in your home, and you not even have realized that” and looking at him deeply you have came out.

The pale creature have got up, but all sudden, everything have restarted run faster, and the creatures in the middle of the pub, have blocked the him, who have tried reach us, but we were already out, and inside the local the pale creature have turned himself round, and have looked at straight the eyes Maurice.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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