All how i feel, i feel your closeness, and these eyes are a bit worry. 
It’s a bit of fever, but i’m ok. 
Your eyes are straight on mine, and i feel your arms around my belly

When Our Parallel World is around us, it make me feel a bit better that i feeling right now.
I would like dive my eyes into your, and touch our foreheads and stay so for the rest of my life.
Breathe against breathe, and our souls that merge one in another till to touch the borderline of the endless universe.
While our bodies are delicate touching each other.

I feel better only i looking at your eyes. All your sweetness is inside them, and everything is that one delicate gaze toward me, and one your kiss that sweep all away.
Make me feel the heart beating unison with your.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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