The barman have looked at you astonished for that strange wish, but he have understand that it was for a good cause, and that elegant barman then have looked at me, and i have nodded. 
Sincerely, i didn’t knew what was running in your mind, but who had immediately understand have been Jules, who was reading your mind, and he was hearing you that was repeating only one sentence put in different ways, but the meaning was always the same.

Jules was looking at you, astonished, and right after he have given a look to that creature.
Our friend didn’t knew if  that creature could read the mind, but surely he had noticed something that had annoyed him very much, and was our presence, but he was too much taken by his guests that hadn’t checked the rest of the pub, as he would have to do.

We were in waiting for your orders, but it seemed that those five minutes that you asked me, were endless, but you had to only wait the exact moment in which in that pub iwas everything suspended, and perhaps also that deafening music.

In our lives those instants have happened many times, and each time we have remained breathless. 
You have thrown me a glance, and i have undestand that you was waiting that one, but a only a wonderful magic could have help us. 
In all this, we had forget Molly outside the pub. 
Jules have looked at us for a second, and he have understand that we had need of Molly’s magic, and looking deeply the barman, he have contacted her, but already, something was happening inside of the pub.

Everything was becoming floating, the music haven’t disincreasing, but seemed enclosed inside that jukebox, inside another jukebox smaller, and those sound have become muffled, and the costumers movements have became slower.
“Is that you Molly?” have asked menthally Jules, and as quick answer Molly, have make bright the liquid inside the the glass in front him, and Jules have thrown a glance toward the barman who was looking at that sparkle overwhelmed.
Our friend have tried to explain him what was really happening in his pub, but in those seconds, Jules was more breathless than of who was looking at, however the barman had intuided that someone outside was doing something, to get slow everything, and he have took a glance to the small monitor below the counter, he had seen a fairy who was there since we have entered.
And looking at straight into Jules’ eyes have asked simply: “Is she?” and  Jules have nodded. 

Now that everything seemed going slower, and nobody had noticed, and it was we have expected, you have looked at me and with a small beckon, have made us understand that it was time to implement the plan.
You have turned toward the barman, who have been involved in that plan.
You have indicated the last drink that that creature had taken and you have make a nod to the barman, and immediately after he have prepared it and, he was about to call one of the maids, but you have stopped him. 
“No, you have to serve it to him directly. He have to understand immediately that that disturbing element, it wasn’t only in his head, but it was real, and you will go to underline it, bringing directly the drink to him, saying that i have been me to offer it when i will pass in front of him.”

The barman had heard each word with much attention, and he have thrown a glance toward me, and i have shy smiled him, understanding which game you wanted play. That one psychological.
And only when you have tightened my hand, and given the last instruction to the barman, i have understand that the next seconds would have been crucial.
We have looked at each other, and at unison we have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and looking at Jules, we everybody we have left the counter, while the barman was taking a tray placing on it the drink.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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