We were at that conter, looking at all those creatures who rounding in that pub, without think to look at who had close. And that music was the perfect background for that dark atmosphere. 
Guitars were screaming the highest notes, entering in ears, almost piercing them.

Me and Jules were annoyed by that note that seemed being a costant, but seemed that to you hadn’t annoyed minimally, and your glance was straight toward a point of the pub, and seemed you wanted catch the attention of someone.
I have looked at you carefully and with the help of Jules i have identified who you was looking at from the moment you had thanked the barman, and you have turned again toward to that deformed mass of creatures who talking among them.
I had seen that creature, and with fear that he could see me, i have take off my eyes from that point, and i have make Jules understand that you had indentified one of the creatures of the book of Lewis, and with much dread i have continued look at Jules, thinking: “What he think to do?” and Jules looking at me straight into the eyes, he shrugged, and he turned toward the barman, looking at the glass that he have placed him in front.

Very slow, i turned too, but i have could see the whole scene through the liquors shop window, while you was still shoulders against the counter, with the elbows on it, and you was moving your heads from one side another, when another creature have block your visual. It seemed you wanted see each move he was doing: with which he was talking, with what he was enjoy himself, and above all which drink he ordering. 
Seemed you was taking notes of  everything, while seemed he haven’t still noticed you.

From the shop window i have could see the creature, and it was most scaring than the last creature who had crossed the portal. 
He could be one of the older, but certainly not one of the leader.
Her skin was very pale, almost transparent, sometimes when she moved to brutally grab one of the maids and play with her, her skeleton could be seen, and when he was laughing his voice was the only one that have covered that music. 
His tiny eyes were blue, and despite they were small, the have could hypnotize you.
He had no hair, but a couple of ram horns, and on his chin were printed some ink lines, that they have could mean a something like a military grade or something like that.
He was so busy to entertain the creatures at his table, that he hadn’t realize that he had a glance straight on him, but for sure there was something that annoyed him. 

You understood this, and for this reason you did not take your eyes off that creature.
He was joking, laughing out loud, but soon after he became serious and looked around, but he saw nothing he could identify as the annoyance element, and he was back have fun with his guests. 
I knew which game you was playing, and perhaps i knew where you wanted going to end.
But this was your plan, and i left you do, but you knew how much hurry i had, to leave that pub, and only when i have caressed your leg, for a second you have stick off the glance from the creature, and you have looked at my hand, and in a sigh, you have said: “Still more five minutes”, and you have continued to stare that creature.

Me and Jules were looking at the barman with his black waistcoast and white shirt and long white apron. We were asking ourselves “Why a creature like that, have ended in a pub full of ills-intentioned” and he seemed have understood my question, and without speak, he had explained us everything with a sorry glance, and he made us understand that the creature who you was staring at, it have been that one who have taken the control of it, and he now, from owner of the pub, he have became only the barman.

Not only you had identified one of the creature of the book of Lewis, but even us, we had collected some good informations, and now we have could put together another plan to destabilize those creatures, still with no their leaders. 
Whispering to the barman to don’t worry, i have touched once again your leg, and almost jolting, you have looking at me quickly, and right after, you have asked to barman to bring to that creature another glass of that he was drinking, and it was offered by you. But that he would have to bring it when we would be passed in front of him.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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