Your plan was one of the better till now planned, but even the most dangerous, but even if it was well studied, we had only see the reaction of those creatures in that pub.

We were following Molly, the only one who knew where it was located, and  she was telling us something of the costumers, and it was at all nothing good, already the name “The Deep Hell” describe to the perfection who kind were the costumers.
And we have could figured, now that those creatures, who had crossed the portal, in which enviroment, have been introduced. 
We have looked at each other, and now comebackward it wasn’t no longer possible.

Molly have stop in the darkest corner of the main piazza, and she have indicated the pub.
“Don’t make you cheat by eye-catching teaches, as soon entered it’s the opposite” she have said looking at you, and you have thanked her, nodding.

The plan was good, make us notice, but as soon in front of that pub, some doubts have jumped on my mind, and looking at Jules, i have touched your arm, and immediately felt my hand, you have turned and you have staring me.
“They can’t do anything, remember it”, and slowly you have started, once again look at the entrance, taking sweetly my hand, and throwing me a quick glance of encouragement.
Molly and Jules have been audience of this, and also they have took courage, and they have followed us, but in the middle of the piazza, Molly have stop, and she said: “I can’t enter. I’m a fairy. Entering in that pub, i have could put you in danger. I can get confuse them, and this we don’t want, isn’t?” she said, making us see her small pendant on neck. 
“With this i can see what happen inside.” After that telegraphic explanation, we have nodded, and so we have continued our walk, with Jules next to us.

Walking very slow, i have turned and i have seen Molly where we had left her, and she was smiling taking the pendant tight in her hands. 
In that small travel, i had reasoning on what she had said us, and for what i have understand, she had right. 
Be a fairy had their advantage and their disadvantages, like each thing, and like she had said, entering she have would could, first of all, to suspect the costumers, and make fail your plan.
The question that she have would raised among those creatures, it would have been: “What a fairy is doing here?” and all the eyes of that pub would have been set on us.
Instead, you wanted enter, looking at you around, crossing the whole pub, and sit on those stools, and see what it would been the reaction, without catch the attention before than expected. 
Molly did the right thing.

Now, we had to only enter. Jules have looked at us with his yellow eyes that got smaller and smaller as much to become only two pins, almost undistinguishable from the rest of his black body.
In his tiny eyes we could have perceive much dread, also we wanted to hide it we were afraid too.
We have looked at each other, and staring Jules, we have crossed the main entrance.

It have open us the door, an enormous brown creature with a black waistcoast with chains attached on the little pocket, and he have looked at us as if we were usual costumers.
Jules have been squared deeper but at end he was capable to reach us.
“Is it everthing ok?” you have sighed, staring our friend with the corner of the eye
Jules have only mumbled something that sounded like a “Yes”, but we had not sure of it, and however, you have tightened more my hand and, without make you see you said: “Let’s go!”

In front of us there was the notorious counter that we had  to reach. We have crossed a long aisle with noisy creatures who seemed don’t see us neither, and without not even ask to pass, among thrusts and something else, we have reached the counter. 

The music was so deafening, and speak was impossible, but we weren’t there to speak.
Only when the barman, a creature who seemed being there by a mistake, have touched your shoulder, and you have turned, he have asked what we wanted take. You have ordered for all of us, and immediately after, the barman have placed behind us the three glasses with a liquid that we have would not drink.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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