It seemed that what i had said had paralyzed everybody, and you was looking at me as if i had read the crystal ball, but it was only what that everybody didn’t wanted admit, but it would be happened
We had to prepare to an invasion of another creatures ready to fight us, even if we still didn’t uderstand the reason. 

You was lost in thought, but i could perceive that those thoughts had a logical thread, and we had only wait that you had elaborate it to explain it to us. In meanwhile i had take a look to the notorious book of Lewis, and Jules had make me notice what had made see to you. 

Most of  the creatures entered by the portal belonged to one only species, and it was that one to which belonged the creature with the rusty knife. And next to each entered Lewis had drawn a sketch enough similar to the creature who had crossed the portal.
Certanly he couldn’t know each kind of creature of that universe, and so he had drawn a similar sketch for each creature, and he had marked the numbers below the sketch. 

I have lifted the face, and surprised, i have said: “Ingenious work!” and so we have would could immediately recognized each creature who don’t belonged to that city.
All of sudden, staring at you, i have understand what was running in your head, and delicately i have came closer to you, and placing my hand on your leg, you have looked at me, and in a sigh, you have said: “We have to go in centre, make us see, and recognize those creatures. Make us see from them, it’s the only way to anticipate their moves. We haven’t to wait for that their leaders arrive.”
Then everybody around that round table have started to hear what you was saying me, and you have catched their attention, you very slow, have repeated what had said me sighing, and the more you was saying, the more you seemed conviced, of what you was saying. 

We had all the elements to stay a step forward of  that army that certainly without their leaders didn’t know do. We had only locate them, and play on our advantage.
You have looked at everybody, as lost in your thought, then you have staring at me looking for an encoragement to go on, with that crazy, but very valid idea. I have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and standing up behind you, i have wanted embrace you sweetly, and only behind you, with my face lean on your shoulder, i have sighed: “Let’s do it!”
And looking at straight the void, you have tightened my arms more to you.

Certainly, we had to do it in those hours. We had come out from the Lewis’ pub, as soon we had taken the courage to face everything we have would have meet, and we knew that we have would not do it alone. 
Despite their glance were to another part, we knew that Jules and Molly have would have come with us. We had need that Lewis remain inside the pub to check the portal, during that nocturnal outgoing, but for each thing, we would have had Molly who her magic she would have beeen always in contact with him.

“Surely they have went to the pub in centre, where underworld make their dirty business.” had said Lewis, looking at Molly who knew where take us, and she went to Lewis assuring him that everything would went ok.
She have sigh something to the big walrus and for a bit they remained in apparently silence, but right after we have understand that she was remembering to Lewis how contact her, and she said him: “If there is need you know how to” and going away, Lewis have repeated a couple of time that trick that Molly had taught him one of the very first time that they have met, but they had never used till now. 

We saw Molly laughing softly, and when she left the pub, she turned and smiled at Lewis, and she have make Lewis understand that she had heard all the funny phrases he said to her silently, but the last one was: “Be careful!” and she threw him a gentle kiss, and her magic dust have leaned on her big cheek.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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