I’m here

Trying to don’t feel pain, my knee is blocked. I see you in that glance, and i can hear you say me: “I completly understand you”, and sweetly if i close the eyes, i can perceive your arms around my belly, and your whispers: “It will pass” make me forget the pain. 

You have this magical power. It’s enough dive into your eyes and everything vanish. 
Slowly Our Parallel World is lifting around us and our heart beating heart is unison. 
I feel your closeness closer and it’s what i have need in these moment.

I feel your heart inside my soul, and your breathe is wrapping my being. 
Our connection is about to begin, and everything slowly is vanish and i can see Raido and i know that our journey is not over, Berkana is saying me that something new is about to born, or is the confirmation of what we already have. 
We know of each other, and everything is marvellous.
Everything that regarding Our Parallel World is something magical
You are magical, our connection is magical, everything is regarding our world is magical.
I think of you and i know in someway you do the same. In these minutes our connection is about to began, and we feel it.  It’s 19&19.


Listen  to it⇓⇓

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