I was still close to  Molly a bit distant from the central table reserved to Lewis, and i was looking at each glance or grimace that you and Jules were doing studying that list of that book.

Ocassionally you have shared a questioning glance with Lewis and quickly he have reply to your questions. 

One of them have got curious everybody.
“Since when you have said that in this building have started happened strange things?”
For a bit we have remained in silence, looking for to understand where you wanted going to end. 
Not everybody had comprehended your question, but i did. Going in aid, i got up, leaving the Molly hand, and looking at her, i have said her: “Don’t worry i comeback”, and going toward the table, i have reached you, and placing my hand on your shoulder, i have shared a sweet glance with you, and at end, i have said: “What he wants say is that, you Lewis have started to mark those entrances since when you have open your pub, but those strange events (and now we know they are bonded to the portal) when they have started, when the first event have began?”
And you have nodded, taking my hand on your shoulder, studying still very carefully one of the pages in that book.

Lewis have looked at us disoriented, and he thrown a glance toward Molly, who knew well that the time to takening herself again was over, and delicately she have got up. 
She came up behind me, and she touched my back, and almost lost in my thoughts  i jolted, but i immediately recognized her, and looking at her, i asking if she felt like helping us.
With her low tone of voice, she said: “Ok” and she have sat on another empty chair at that table.
And immediately you have taken another chair from another table, and you have placed it close to you, and right after you have taken one hand tightening it strong.

Before to speak, Lewis have asked Jules to hang on the main entrance the signboard “WE’RE CLOSED” to being sure that anybody could not enter, and so Jules did, and when he cameback at the table, the fairy have started.
“Lewis had still not  taken me under his protection, but i remember when the other inhabitants have sbegan to hear some strange noises inside this building. There were many stories, two on all were that in this building, once a condominium, there have been a brutal murder, and those noises that we have hearing, it were simply the ghosts of those creatures chained in their apartment for the rest of the eternity.
The second, which I believed for a long time, was that inside this building, a creature that had scammed the local mafia was walled up alive, but when these eyes saw a couple of creatures have came out, never seen around town, i started to paying attention to who i have meet, and when Lewis decided to restore this place, i gave him the idea to keep the book and start writing down anything that was weird.
I have said all this, to say that it started more or less two years ago, and you have to keep in mind a group of two or three of creatures at a time. A good number of creatures.”

Now that Molly had ended to speak, everybody, included Lewis, have looking at her astonished, and slowly you have started to make some fast calculations, and when you have ended you have gave me the small sheet of papers, the number on it, was surprisingly high, and we have shared a glance with wide eyes open, and we have looked at our friends, who were reaching at the same conclusion to which we have reached few seconds earlier.

“If  they have ended to send their army, in these days we have to wait the arive of their leaders” had said Jules in a sigh, telling us what already we had in mind. You have nodded adding: “And i’m sure that the last one creature knew of our landing, and he already knew that he would have meet us here, and that’s why his scared behaviour. He didn’t knew who have would meet, and he have preferred to attack rather than being attacked.” and everybody have looked at one by one, and then we have looked at Molly have touching neck. 
“Let’s prepare ourselves to the last great wave of creatures” i have said, having the glance of everybody on me.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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