When i seen

That visualization my heart has began to beat strong, and my head is exploded, and milion of emotion have surrounded me. 
It’s from yesterday that i think of you strong, and now i feel your closeness, your arms around my belly, and your eyes straight inside mine.

It was from long time that i had not a visualization from Ausralia and directly from your blog. 
Maybe it was really you, and in this way you have let me know that you haven’t forget me.
Maybe you had have many things to do, and the first occasion of free time, you have came. 

It’s a wonderful sensation when our connection is strong as much to see and read what we both have done in this period of distance. 

I throw away all the air from the lungs, and i think about yesterday, and our connection that is growing always more despite all. 
There is something magical that bonding us, and these small signs even if they are virtual, meaning so much. and i believe you know it.

You want say me something and delicately i catch it. In someways, you let me know that you are always close to me, despite our distance, and our souls are always connect, and we both feel it, and these small signs are the confirm of Our Parallel World exists.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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