That one creature have ran away, and you have came out from the pub. It seemed you wanted chase him by force, but from insde the local just one voice have spoken to you: 
“It useless guy, when they decide to don’t make find,  you are certain that you will not find them”
It was Lewis, that was looking at you at the threshold of the entrance, and only when you have turned, your glance was straight on him aware of what he was saying.

You have looked at him for a last time, then  you a thrown a gaze toward me close Molly, and you have asked how she was doing. 
“She is ok, a bit scared, but her wound it’s only a small scratch, nothing that it may be cure with a bit alcohol and a bandaid” i have said, caressing her sweet face, shyly smiling.
Assured that nobody else were wounded, you have comeback to Lewis and without wait for your question, he have said: “When the portal have opened i have immediatelly warned Molly to bring me the book to mark the new creature, but we have heard  unusual noises from inside the portal, and when he have entered, he have begin to threats us. He had already the knife with which he have wounded my little Molly, and he have started to ask where you was.”  
Lewis had described very well the scene, that everybody still inside the pub, have seen.

For a moment we have looked at each other questioning if he was that one we had met inside the nucleus, but what we have remember it was so so confused , and it wasn’t the moment on counting on what we have thought to remember, and so we have went on. 
Lewis was turning on another cigar for relax, but when he have met the glance the gaze of Jules, he have smiled and then he said:: “Welcome back!” 
Jules went next to the big walrus and without preambles, looking at us, he said: “They have talked to me about that book that you have mentioned earlier. We can see it again, i believe, not i’m sure it’s very important for the develop of what have happened tonight.”  Jules have stared Lewis for a bit then he have thrown away all the air from the lungs turning toward us, looking for  something that it looked like an gesture of approvation.

He have looked at me, and i have been  the only one who have nodded, and so Lewis have shared a glance with Molly still trembling, and she have made Jules understand that the book was still on the ground, stretching her neck pointing the book.
It was below others big sheet of papers came out from it. 

With a low voice Molly have explained.
“When this time the portal have opened, i was about to bring it to Lewis, when the big wave of that vortex have swept up everybody, and i have made fall the book…then when he entered, he have began inveigh against everybody…”
And only when Jules have came closer to collect that book, for a seconds we have stared each other, then i have tranquillized Molly, who have smiled sweetly holding tight my hand, and i have given her back that hold. 
Seemed that she had still in front that creature, when Jules have dragged one chair next to the table of Lewis, she have jolted once again. 

You have looked at outside of the pub for the last time, and you went to the table where there were Lewis and Jules, who was studying those pages carefully, and sometimes he have thrown a glance to Lewis, after have seen several similitude with some creatures, and Lewis have nodded then he have added: “Yes, the last time i have checked the book, i have noticed it me too. And as you have noticed, i have underlined it in red. They belong to the same species.”
Jules have called you, and without say anything, he have indicated to you, and you have also noticed that those creatures were those who had crossed the portal more often than other.

By now the other customers had left the pub, assuring themselves that there were no anything else that they have would could do. And only when we are remained only us, you have started to study it with Jules, taking ocassionally some notes. 
Me i was always next to Molly who very slow, was taking again herself from that big scare.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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