We were following Jules between those small streets and alleys to reach the pub, and we were looking at us around looking for to understand better where we have landed. 
The background seemed the same  for each city or town  in which we have been, but as each city, there was something that was distinguished one another, and we still didn’t what it was.

Jules had choose those shorcut, butsometime we have meet other creatures in middle of the streets, who have stared at us very curious, but Jules had warned  us to don’t look at them  at long, because they have would wanted to know where we would have went, and they have would start talk for never stop
“You look at them just for a moment, then look at straight for your way. Making them understand that they are NOT invisible, but only this” it have been his advice.
Even if Jules was arrived only few seconds before us, he had learnt so many things about some inhabitants, and it was better follow them.

Those creatures were the refuse of that dimension of which nobody didn’t wanted to deal with, but only a glance have could made them feel still important.
We have met a couple, and we have could seen that they were obviously old creatures, and some of them asking to eat something, but Jules have said me: “Don’t make you cheat” and so i have looked at straight, but my heart was crying, then i have looked at you, and in your glance i have perceived a “Maybe when we comeback”.

Now the only thing we had to do was reach Lewis, warn him and take a look deeper to that book.
Jules was next to us and seemed always cautious to each shadow and noise he was hearing.
When we were about to exit from that labyrinth made of alleys and shorcuts, have indicated us, the last street that we have would do to reach Lewis, but only few meters to the end of that pathway, he have stopped, and he have looked at us with his yellow wide eyes open. 
His walk got slower, and at each step, he went down, almost to touch the ground. We had not ever seen him, and now at each strange noise, we had looking at us around with more carefully.

Jules was sniffing the ground and the air. It seemed he had perceived something danger, and the more we have came closer to the pub, the more Jules got slower, the more he was feel that something was happening inside of it.
We have looked at each other, and we have realized that we were short of breathe.
But however we had to approach to see what was happening.

It was night, but  not too late for a local like that one of Lewis, and the buzz to which we had got used to hear: screams, orders and that distinct great voice of the owner, there was no longer, and even if we had not take a look inside,  that freezed atmosphere, was spreading also outside the pub.
And even if we had not seen inside, we knew that, one of those creatures left inside the nucleus have been capable to open the portal and he have crossed it, entering so in the pub.

Profit by his color Jules have creeping on the ground till arrive in front of the entrance of  pub, and he have could assist to the scene that was presenting itself inside the local. 
He have seen a creature of medium height frightening the last patrons of the pub with a rusty knife that it brandished with a trembling hand.

Very slow we have came closer to Jules, but we remained in the dark, and from far we have seen that creature who all of  a sudden had taken in hostage Molly, continuing ask, where were us, staring at Lewis who with his big voice he was repeating that he didn’t know of who he was talking about.
But after a couple of threats to kill the fairy, you have entered and have said aloud: “We are here, let her go, we are here!” 
Stretching your hand toward me, i have taken it and i have entered too, looking at straight into the eyes first Molly, then that one creature.
“Tell us what do you want and we do it, but please let her go…let her go” you have continued say, looking at him straight into his eyes, while he seemed without force, was  slowly wounding the Molly’s neck.
Then he have made falling the knife on the ground, and he have escape away out from the pub.
It seems that you wanted chasing him, but one voice have said: “Leave him go. Not even him, didn’t knew what he was doing, but you have to wait for his return.”
Who was speaking to you was Jules, who have waited that you turned, then you have looked at everybody and at end you have shared a glance with me who assisting Molly.”


Listen to it⇓⇓





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