“Tell us more abot the portal”, you have said him, and the big walrus have looked at both knowing that we would have ended just there.
Around our table, seemed that have fallen silence, despite all the noisy costumers who were talking aloud.

The big Walrus, have cleared his voice and without preambles, he have started giving a glance to Molly at the counter who was serving a creature, then he have looked at us, and he have started.

“In someways, i knew you have would ended there.”
Certainly the Walrus wasn’t stupid, and he have called Molly asked her to bring him «the other book».
Molly immediately have cameback with a black book and she have looked at us with her sweet face with only a question: “Who are they these?”
We didn’t know what look for in that book, but however we have leaf it. 

We had noticed that he had take notes of everything. Month, year, hour and above all what kind of creature entered. And the last entered have been a bit confusing, but we knew that the last one were Jules with us.
He had just marked Jules, that the portal have opened once again, and that last data that he had wrote, were confuse.
We have looked at him, a bit embaressed, but we could do not anything about it, and at end he have smiled, correcting the last entered with a black pen that he had in the pocket of  waistcoat.

When he have closed that book, he have looked at us deeply, and surrounded by the cigar cloud, he have said:
“Many had adviced me to don’t open this pub. Many times they had said me that inside this building have happened strange things. After the first time that that portal have opened, i have understood what they wanted say me. But by now, it ‘s done. I don’t know, not even because i’m keeping this book.” and he have stared it, and after his last sentence, we have looked at him with wide eyes open, and i have said: “Maybe it’s the better thing you are doing for this dimension” and then you have nodded.

He haved looked at us astonished, and in his big face have printed itself one and only question, and without problems, he have asked: “Why?”
I have turned the glance toward you, and in those seconds we have recollected all the thoughts to explain him all our matter, and leaning the elbows on the table, you have have started.

You have told him everything. From our story since when we had decided to live there, but above all travel through those dimensions, all our fights, and in the particulars last one, making him understand that, we hadn’t arrived there by chance, on the contrary, we arrived  for a particular reason, but still didn’t know which was, and the more news we had, the more we have could move in in right way, but first of all, we had to know where our friend was ended.

He have looked at us, and immediately he have take a look the main entrance, then he cameback toward us, and he have searched for each particulars that he thought was important.
Before he started, i have said: “It’s important find him, do you remember in which direction he went?”
He have thrown a lost glance, and immediately he have looked at us and with regret he have said he didn’t, but Molly have could being helpful. So he have called her, and she have came to us, and she said: “Tell me Lewis” looking at us. And only in those seconds, the big walrus had realized that he had not presented himself, and coughed for the great embaressement, but we have only shy smiled him, and with few sentences, we have forgive him.

I have immediately added: “This evening you have had too many things to pay attention, don’t worry Lewis.”
Looking at Molly, i have said: “Molly, we have to know one simple thing. When the portal have opened for the first time this evening, do you rembember in which direction that black creature have went? It’s our friend.”
Molly then have looked Lewis who was nodding turning himself on another cigar, searching for to shake off that sense of embarrassment. 

She have thought about what i have asked her for a moment, and she was about to reply when Jules have entered from the main entrance, and with wide eyes open have said loud: “You have to go with me!” and he have taken my hands, and in hurry you have followed me, leaving Molly and Lewis breathless.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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