Here you are

When i feel your closeness it’s something magical, and when i look at you so everything vanish and everything is transform in Our Parallel World. 

How much i would like to let you know how much i feel your closesness despite our distance. 
I dive myself inside your eyes, and when i do it, in someways you feel it.

I can feel your whispers, your hands around my body that are tightening me. 
Delicately you are turning me, and our eyes are meet. 
I hold back the breathe, and when you are caress my face, i blush.
“Don’t do it”, you sigh, and you place my hand on your chest.

You heart is beating like mine. 
You are still looking at me, while i caress your chest.
Everything is how we wish.

Your lips are leaning on mine.

Exists only us.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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