We could not go out and going in search of Jules: it have would been a unsensed thing, so what we have decided, it have been to remain in that sort of pub, and see what it would came out.
We could not got out in a town that we didn’t knew. It was better stay there and get acquainted with the fauna around.

The boss was an enormous creatures, who could seem a big walrus with the two fangs in plain sight, and thanks to a black tuxedo, he seemed bigger , and at his table, he had a complete view of the enviroment that have surrounding him.
Ocassionally, he called the waitress and he was say her something, and she ran away, and after a glance toward the part in which the boss was looking at, he was smiling. 

We have assisted to those scenes a couple of times, and then he have looked at each other, and with a long breathe, he said: “Without Molly i would be lost!”
We have looked at him simultaneously, and we knew that he have would added something immediately after, and it have been so.
“I will be me the boss of this shed, but is Molly who have everything under control, she have eyes on everything. It’s enough a glance, and she understand what i want, or what it’s better for this. One day everything it will hers. I seen her grow up. She was only a teenager, when she have entered in this pub. She was a strong creature. She didn’t wanted any help from anybody. but when one evening i seen her crouched on the sidewalk in front of the pub, she have confessed that she had nobody from which comeback. From that night we had tight a deal. She have would could sleep under a roof, if she had wanted work for me. She had not not even money, and for what i have could help her i have given her her first moneys. Now she have a life. I always told her «you are free to go when you want»,  but she never left me, and now she is manage everything without that nobody realize it.”

Only when Molly have reached again the central table, she asked if we wanted something else, and smiling she added: “I hope that he haven’t bored you with some of his stories”, and then she have came to him, and she have whispered something regarding the storage, and the big walrus have said: “When it will be closed, i will check it!” and Molly more relaxed went away, repeating: “For anything call me”, and so we have seen Molly moved away from that table with such speedy that we have remained enchanted.

Molly was a beautiful fairy, with transparent and iridescent wings, and she had the same effect on everyone. Whenever she had to step in, she just had to talk and everyone listened to her, and most of all she have put in order even the biggest creatures used to fighting for anything, even for a look that they didn’t liked it.
Every time she flew it was something spectacular, because it gave off its magical dust, and everything seemed to be suspended in an almost intangible atmosphere, but that little magic lasted only the seconds that she waved her wings to move from table to table and came back behind the counter.

We had realized of that small magic only when we have began stared her and then we have looked the big walrus with that cigar between his big fangs.
“Well, everything has to be seen very carefully. At first glance, you don’t realize what or who you are in front of. I learned it the hard way” had said the big walrus, between a cloud of smoke.

Without say anything, we have looked at him, knowing what he was feeling. 
But after, we have sharing a glance, and after i have tightend your hand, you have formulate that question.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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