All of a sudden

When i was washing my hair, i have felt your arms around  my belly, and i have whispered your name, and our connection have began, and i feel still your closeness around in this bedroom. 
I have to hold back the breathe, for then throw it away. 

I can feel our hearts beating unison, despite we are at the opposite side of this planet, but in someway, i know, the more we go on, the more we are connected in strong way.

Each time i see the clock, the double numbers are surrounding me, and in someway i know it happens also  to you, and this is increasing each day. 

I have to close the eyes for don’t crazy and think to you more than i can do each day, and when i  dive myself into your eyes, i see that World that we have buildt and we still are building from six years. 

Each day Our Parallel World is becoming the most beautiful place, and the more i see it, the more i wish to stay  there with you.
My heart is beating strong when everything this happens, and it’s beautiful when we perceiving the same emotions at the same moments.
Maybe you know, how much i would like caress your face, and reach that your tiny mole. 

Let me dive in your eyes and let me reach your soul, kissing your lips.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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