After stared for long time that white hole, slowly we have holding each other, and  we have left that push us toward that one that it seemed the exit of the nucleus, and the entrance of that new dimension.

Without realizing we got dressed again, with newest and confortable dresses.
We have happend inside a crowded pub, where a big voice of a big creature was screaming: “They are arrived others!”, and all of a sudden, we have found ourselves sat at a table, as if we were usual costumers.
At first glance we have lookeed at us around, and everybody who had to passing beyond our tables, have given us pats on our shoulders, as if they already knew us, as if we were old friends, and you have shared those smiles acting normally, but only at end, you have shared a questioning gaze with me. 

Holdng your hand, looking at straight your eyes, i had the same question, and in a whisper i said: “Where is Jules?”
Widening the eyes, you have shaked the head, but looking at you around, you have replied: “We will find him,don’t worry”. 

In meantime it was arrived a waitress asking what we have would perferred take among some drinks of a list of which, naturally, we hadn’t knew what they were, and for don’t wrong, you have said: “The simpliest drink you have.” and that demand have get curious one of the creatures next to our table.
“It sees that you are new of these part. Be careful when order. Here the simpliest thing have the fire inside” and he have indicated another creature who was about to drink what we had ordered. He seemed one of the youngest creatures of that pub, and he was surrounded by others, who were encoraging him to drink, chanting his name over and over again.

We have looked at that initiation with the hearts that were going crazy. When the young have drink only few sips from that simple drink, his eyes have splashed out from the body, and he had to take sit, for breathe normally, and only when we have seen the effect, that creature next to us have lifted the big paw and immediately the waitress have came, and she have taken a new order.

From how she have ran away, and immediately comeback, we have thought that we caught the attention of the boss of that pub, and after few seconds, he have looked at us, and said: “Exactly guys! I’m the boss of this  pub, bar, portal…or whatever is this”, and as soon as he have said “portal”, we have shared a glance, and we have comeback to look at him.
At begin he have not say anything, but only when our glances have become insistent, he have started to talk low. 

“From many others dimension, others creatures have crossed it. The first time that it have happened, i have thought to have halucinations, but then after the second and the third, i have get used it, but this happen one or twice a year, and always one creature at time.
But today is the very first time that that portal have opened itself twice…”, and immediately we have thought to Jules. 
Now, it was the boss of the pub who was looking at us with a “Who was he?”. Only few seconds he have replied , understanding our silent question.

“When the portal have opened, have came out this creature. He have stopped for a while. It seemed he wanted understand where he was ended, then in a hurry, he have left the pub…”
“Did he seemed wounded?” i have asked, looking at you. 
“No, but it seemed he had a lot hurry. He have take a look, then he have left the pub. Then the portal have opened once again only after few minutes, and here you are” and he have indicated us with a theatrical gesture.

And only when you have tightened my hand, we have looked at each other, in a whisper, you have said: “He will be ok. Will him come to us, don’t worry.” and ended, you have take a look at the boss, who was looking at us in silent turning himself on a cigar, nodding.”


Listen to it⇓⇓



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