The fresh breeze was entering from the window and it seemed that only was caressing our bodies, instead it was making other. 
We had realized that slowly we have lifting from the sofa, and we were leaving the apartament. 
We were sleeping very deeply, all that lightness seemed surrounding us, but only we have thought to have found ourselves in the same dream, slowly we have opened the eyes, and slowly we have take a look around.

By now, we were flying from long time, when we have opened the eyes. We haven’t seen no longer the city in which HIM had welcomed us, but we have could see only the lights inside the apartement that, one by one, have turned off, and we have looked at each other a while scared. 

You was staring at me in silent, while the beating of our hearts were merging with a new sound that was surrounding us.
At difference of how we have seen it from outside, this vortex seemed goes really slow, but as the others ones, little by little, it have took off us by our clothes, and remaining naked, we have rounded around each other.
And only when have tightened each other, a wave stronger than that usual breeze have clashes against us, and it seemed that it wanted divided us.
When even the last finger of our hand, haven’t been capable to hold us, i have screamed, and you have fought against that invisible force, that slowly it have moving me away from you.

Only you could see that force and it seemed bigger than you, It have you upside down several times, while we both were reaching an inderterminate point of the nucleus, and while you was fighting, i was feeling myself chained, and i couldn’t move myself, but it have could not stopped to me scream your name, and it seemed that, the more i was screaming your name, the more i gave you more strenght, and only at one of my latest scream, my latest energies have transfered in you.

Only when i have fainted, you have been capable to set you free from that force, flying faster than you have could, you have reached me, and when you have lifted my face, my chained arms seemed set free and have fallen over your.
Worried, you have whispered my name, caressing my face, taking my hand, and only when i heard you say: “It’s everything over! Please open the eyes”, i have opened them, and looking at you straight into the eyes, i have touched your skin, reaching your mole, and only with the will strenght, i have smiled you.

“It’s over, it’s over” you have continiung say me, while little by little i was realizing that we were still inside that nucleus and we still turning around.
In that twirl, we had found a firm point.
You have looked at me, checking if i was ok. For me it was enough staring at you, but only one question have printed in our glance: “Why this, during that journey?”

You was embracing me strong, as if you had understand that our love had defeat that invisible force, and only at end we have reached to that conclusion, looking at me deeply, you have sighed: “It have been a proof for testing how much strong is our love… Before you have fainted, have screamed my name, and in someways i have felt your passion running inside me. You have helped me to defeat that force…” 

My heart was beating strong, and you have could feel it against your chest. I was looking at you, and everything you was saying had a sense. Without add anything else, we have stared each other, and we knew that everything we had would to defeat in that dimension, we have would do only thanks our magical connection, and our sharing of feelings, even at cost to faint.

You have looked at me astonished, and i have caressed your sweet face, and together we have looked at us around, and it seemed that we were about to exit from that nucleus. 
And only looking at that small white hole, we have realized of how to use all this.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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