We have stil looking at him without say anything, and we knew that speaking would have been only a waste of time, and we have thanked him nodding, and he have been the only who have said only those few words that have left us breathless.

“Now that we have organized everything, it would better that you go to rest upstairs.” and  without reply, you have shared a glance with everybody, and delicately, you have taken my hand then with a quick move you have taken me among your arms, and with a latest glance you have looked at Jules, in which you seemed say him: “See you at the other side”, and Jules have only nodded.

When we have go upstairs, we have stopped on the landing, we have seen Jules who was looking at the small crystal ball lean on the table in front of him.
Now that the time was about to arrive, inside his yellowish and thin eyes we have could perceive something that looked like fear, but we could have not do anything in those moments, only follow his advice: go in bedroom and rest. 

You have lean me on bed and after few seconds later you have followed me. Sweetly you have welcomed me in your arms, and tightening me strong, we have remained in silence. To sleep was impossible. 
We had the hearts that were going crazy. We have could see the approachment of the nucleus through the window, and the windstorm that was following it was increasing despite it was still not dangerous for the inhabitants of that town.

At each small clashes we were hearing it was a thought toward Jules, but unconsciously we knew that when  he would have been sucked have would know it.
In meanwhile, the only thing we have could do was keeping ourselves well tight, hoping that HIM had given Jules the right instructions for when he would been sucked inside the nucleus. 

We were awaiting for that it have come closer, and when we have heard one clash bigger than others, we have thought that it have arrived, but it was only the first of the most great clash we have could heard.
I have sighed your name several times, and you have tranquilized me each time my glance have meeting your.
But only when we have heard a great wave of that wind that have opened the only big window downstair, we have looked at each other with wide eyes open, and we both we have ran on the landing, and what we have seen only have been the small crystal ball that was rolling on the floor, and sheet of papers were fluttering in the room, and none sign of Jules. 

You have went down first, to check what was have really happened, and when you have seen me went down slow, immediately you have came to me, and between the chaos unleashed by that vortex, my foot have met the crystal ball below a couple of sheet of papers. With the heart in throat, i have collected it, and with you have go to the sofa and i sat there.

Despite we had could see the nucleus outside the window, we have stared the magical ball in my hand, and what we were seeing it was the vortex was disincreasing, but it didnt have move from where it was, and when we have looked at each other, you have been you to talk.
“It is taking Jules toward the new dimension. When he will have reached it, it will restart again his round and it will be then that it will be our turn”, and so you have looked at me straight into the eyes, and have tightened my hand that i had lean on your leg.

We both knew that what you had said was right, and now it was matter of hours, but in those seconds everything seemed being got calm, and even if everything around us was a total chaos, we have didn’t care, on the contrary, maybe it was of which we had need in those minutes, and between sheets of papers that were still flying in the apartment, and that breeze that was entering through the wide open window, we have been capable to close the eyes and we have asleep.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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