Jules seemed breathlessness, and he seemed look for something, in reality he was look for only something on which rest himself, and as much he was astonished, he hadn’t see the sofa just in front of him.
But just sat, he seed taken again breathe, and he have looked at us with wide eyes open.

He have placed the small crystal ball on the table in front of him, and he have started to stared it once again, and he have shared a glance with us.
Without make him talk, you have elongated him a glass of water, and he without know what was, he have drink it.
That glance was speaking alone, and without much reasonings, we have reached the same conclusion that Jules, in all the way, was searching for say us.

He was still looking at the small transparent ball, but above all, he was looking at us as if we were unknown, but HIM had warned him that ourmagic was so powerful, even if HIM  have been capable only say Jules: “You can only see it through their eyes, and you will understand what i’m talking about”, and now he was looking at us with those yellowish eyes, and only after few a couple of minutes, he have realized all that, and after have drunk another sips of that strange tranparent liquid, he have looked only few seconds the glass, then seemed he had taken control again of what was happening him around, and he have thrown away the air from his body, and looking at him even we have taken breathe again.

We wanted say something, but we have preferred that was Jules to begin, and with small nods, we have  encouraged him. We wanted only the confirmation of what we already knew it.
Jules have looked at again the glass, where the water was elarging the reflex of that crystal  ball, and all of  sudden, he seemed taken by the hurry, and only when he have looked our hands tightened each other, he have started to talk very slow.

“I didn’t believed that a feeling as yours, could make run everything so fast.” And with that only sentence, we had knew that, making that latest act of love, we had made approach quicker the nucleus, and now we had less time to organize ourselves. 
When Jules have left us just few hours ago, he have given us more or less four or five days, but now seen the speedy of the nucleus in the sky and in that crystal ball that Jules was monitoring always more often, we had more o less, one day or at least few hours.

Seen the situation, Jules with only sharing of gazes, have asked us if he could to remain there, and not even look at each other, we have said unison: “Certainly, you can stay”, and only after we have said that, we have stared each other.
Relaxed, Jules had taken another sip of water, and looking at the liquid, he have smiled us.
We were looking at him still breathless, but conscious of how much big was our love, and without realizing we were thinking how much have been our latest act of love, and only after few seconds we have seen Jules who have coughed, remembering us that he could  read the mind, and only after that shot cough, i have blushed, but only after you have taken my hand i have stopped my colour of skin have come back normal. 

After a couple of minutes of a silent embarassement, Jules have place the glass that he still had in hand, and he have slowly, started to talk. 
“He had warned me of the greatness of your love. He had said me: «Their love is their most powerful weapon that they have, maybe they have not realize of that, but when they have shared their first glance in that bar, they have unleashed something bigger than universe itself.», and only now  i had the proof of what HIM have said me. You can move everything with  what you feeling each other.”

His words had left us astonished. Then, all of a sudden,  we have remember those days in which we had told us our own stories, and maybe in those days you have told me of your imaginary friend, but in those seconds, everything was so confused, and now remember those moments, it wasn’t the main thing to do.

Jules had asked to stay, above all, because when it would have arrived the time, he would have been the first to being sucked in that vortex that have came closer always faster, and he would could prepare us the ground: to see which have would been the dangers, and where we would could repairs us.
And now we were looking at him with all our ammiration, even because the nucleus seemed closer than ever.”



Listen to it⇓⇓




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