Moved away each other, with your deeper glance you have looked at me, and i hadn’t time to asked you: “What’s up?” that you have restart to penetrate me, always faster, and my moans have became a sound that you was demanding more to hearing, and the more the penetration was deeper, the more i was at your mercy, and you was feeling how much i was wet. 

You was feeling my little contractions, and the more you was fast,  the more i was looking at you wide eyes open, and without realizing with the arms, i have myself attached at your neck, and you have continued to make me enjoyed, while the rustle of my white skirt have became an erotic sound.

While i have looked at you deeper, you knew that i was about to reach the climax, and only when i  have cling myself more to your neck, i have been surrounded by the strongest sensation never felt before.
My head was on your shoulder, and you have hear my breathe on your skin, and my little moans that, little by little have disincreasing, and you have could feel my strong contraction till the end of the orgasm, but it seemed i had still time for another moment with you, and in a sigh, i have said a couple of time: “Come, come…”, and without thinking much, delicately but rough, you entered inside me, and with another little contractions, i have helped you to reach the same level of excitement, and only after a couple of minutes, even you have reached that status of bliss, in which i was from several minutes.

After that, you have laid on matress with the heart that seemed splash out from the chest.
I was still hearing the contractions that very slow were vanishing, and only when you have reprised, you have turned from my side, looking at me in silence, you have delicately touch my body till arrive to the source of the pleasure, and you have realized that it was still bit wet, but  you have only caressed it, while our glances have meeting once again, and only after i have bited my lips, you have came closer and you have kissed me.

Got back in that normality, and only with a glance we have wanted to check where it was that nucleus in the sky.
We have tasted the lastet minutes enclose in that bedroom, whispering our love and looking at each minimum particles of who we had in front, but after you have came open wide the shutter. and you have remained to stare the sky, while i was still in bed, and what you was seeing, have made you jump backward, and our glances have met again.

Without say anything, you have made me sign to reach you. When i have reached the corner of the bed you have came and you have gave me your hand, and together we have reached the window, and only when you have embraced me from behind, i have take a look outside. 
I remained breathless, while i was tightening your arms around my belly, and the only name we have whispered unison, have  been that one of  Jules.

That nucleus was still rounding slow up to the sky, but seemed that in meantime, have came closer, and it seemed that little part of that one undiscovered city was about to being sucked inside of it. Parts of the trees of that zone, were shaking, and many leafs were flying high in the sky, and we have could see the real effect, and it was really scaring.
Only when i have turned toward you,  you have tightened me stronger, and you have sighed: “We have exceeded many dimension so, but before we hadn’t realize, it will be the same sensation.”
While you was talking i was looking at you straight into your eyes, and it seemed that your voice, your way how have looking at me, get calming me.

But when the perfume of the leather jacket have reaching the bedroom, we have looked at each other, and without thinking much we have dressed and we went down. 
In someways, we knew that Jules have would knocked the door soon or later and infact, only after five minutes, someone was behind our door and he was knocking

When you have got up, you have stared me for a while, then you have opened, and with the crystal ball in hand, Jules have entered looking at us with his yellowish eyes, astonished.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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