Looking at you

I’m waiting for you talk to me, and my heart is begin to beat strong. 
My head is feeling our connection come closer, and i close the eyes because i feel your arms around my belly, and Our Parallel World is around us. 
Everything is so. I’m not able to explain what i’m feel when i feel your closeness, despite our real distance.

I’m waiting to see you in your latest show, but i have to wait still a while, but it’s better so. I feel your arms around my body, and your breathe make me feel in a wonderful twirl. 
My head is about to explode. 

Everything is so close despite everything with you around, even only in my soul.

I miss you in these nights, but what i’ve figured in my tale, make me feel closer to you
I have imagine you here close to me. You that look at me sweetly, touching my little body from behind, and i close the eyes, and our hearts that going crazy, for everything we feeling each other.
And every double numbers that we are see, its only the unique sign that we are destined to be together despite all. 
I thinking of you, and i know you are do the same, maybe in dream.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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