When Jules had said that, beyond at being speechless we have looked at each other, and almost uncosciously we held tight our hands, and when he have taken the crystal ball from the table, we have looked him with only one question in mind. 
Without say anything, he have made us understand that had to leave us alone. 

“I have reached my target. Now for the time that has remains, it’s your time you have to dedicated it to you. Expecially to you. It’s useless say it you. I have to go, but i will remain around. I will check the nucleus, and i will know when i will i have to come back, don’t worry.”
And without time to reply, Jules have got up, and without disturb us, he went in front to the door, and have opened it, and he have left us.
We were still breathless and confused, that we have had not time to reacted, and when he have closed the door, we have almost jolted. 

His words were in the air, and almost we have could see them, but it was only an illusion. 
We had still many questions to do, but we haven’t realized that he had already answered them.
His explication was so clear, and we had accept it only.

The glasses of beer were still on the table, and only when we had realized the he have left us, you have take them,   and giving me mine, you have put yourself with the elbows on knees, and you have started to drink that beer looking at ahead , as if you was looking the void.

We remained in an apparent silence for a while, while those words werestill running now fast, now slow, and only when you have turned toward me, you have smiled me, and with delicateness, have taken the glass from my hand and you have placed it on the table, and with the sofest tone of voice you have said: “Let’s go up!” 
And without thinking much, you got up, and stretching your hand toward me, you have helped me to stand up, and in those few instants, you have taken me among your arms.

In those seconds seemed we had reset everything. It was like if we were not go out, we had not meet Jules, we had not seen that crystal ball, and above all, we had not seen that nucleus of stars in the sky.
You had taken me between your arms, with such gentilness, that you have made me forget everything.

When we arrived in bedroom, you have lean me on bed, but before to lay next to me, you have wanted a while put down the rolling shutter, to hid those moments at who could see us in anyway, even if the bedroom was facing the red brick roof of that yellowish building.
I was looking at you with all the tenderness that i was feeling in those instants, and when you have turned toward me, i have whispered your name elongating my arms, and only when you have touched me,  i have throw away all the air from the lungs, looking at you straight into your blue eyes.
Only when i have settled myself better on the backrest, you have laid your body on mine, staring my eyes.

Without realizing, our lips have began to caress each other, and delicately my both hands have take your face.
In that endless instants, we had to only think only to us, at what we were feeling, and delete everything had said Jules. 
And it have been what we have done.

Eyes into eyes, our breathe have slowly increased. I was biting my lips, feeling where your only free hand was going to, and me likewise slow, i was opening my legs, and when your hand have touched my inner thigh, i have stared at you deeper, and when only i heard a soft snatch of my panties, one of my first small moan, have got excited you more, and have penetrated me wildly, snatching completly the  undergarment, and our mouths have came closer to give and receive one of the most passionate kiss ever.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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