And all of a sudden

Your voice have surrounded me, and my heart have jolted. Seeing you again in that interview have got back me in time, but those emotions were always great.
My heart is beating strong.
When i feel you so close to me and the destiny make me see you so, it means that something bigger is thrown us some signs that we have to take, and i’m take them from six years.

When i feel  your closeness around me i would like to know if even you feel the same sensation.
Now my head is about to explode, and what i feel around are your arms around my belly. 
I’m biting my lips, checking the clock and our connection is around the corner.

Your eyes are staring me and i can only dive myself in those two blue oceans, and caress your tiny mole, waiting for Our Parallel World lift and collect our souls. 

I close the eyes and softly i feel your lips leaning on mine, and our electric shock are cross our minds, while you are pulling me toward your body, and i can hear your whispers that are calling me. 
My heart is literally explode, and our love together with us.

Your voice resound in my soul, and i feel you close to me. I throw away all tthe air from the lungs, and i hear you: “Breathe with me”. 
I look at you and you are sweetly smile. 
You take my hand and you place it on your chest. Our hearts are beating at unison.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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