I was seeing you, and i knew what was on your mind, and certainly even Jules knews it, but everybody had to wait for another a couple of minutes to start to that specific talk. 

That crystal ball was reflecting what was happening  outsiide the window, and despite the lights of apartment were illuminating well the eviroment, the lights of the that small trasparent magical ball have made us feel like enveloped by those small twirl of coloured lights, and each time they have touched us, we could feel like small caresses on our bodies, and we have looking at us around breathless, and our glances have ended always on Jules.

Jules was looking at this process for the very first time, but he knew what would have happened, and he have waited for that everything had ended. He even have waited for that we had take again to breathe, and he have stretched us the two glasses of beer. 
In someway, everything this, was new for us, even if we had travelled many times in several dimension, before to arrive there.
We never realized that  at end of  each dimension, a new nucleus like that it coming closer up to taken us.

But when we have looked at  Jules, Jules himself have nodded, and so part of those questions that we wanted do him, had the only reply and while we have looked at each other, you have hold my hand, and our glances have stared the small crystal ball on the table.
Only when Jules have began to speak, we were woke up from that state of wonder in which we were fallen.

“Everybody here, and i mean in all the dimensions of this Parallel World, have attended to your reply, when HIM have asked you where you would have prefered live, and everybody have heard what you have answered. Bad or good everybody have reacted at their own way, and you have seen it with your own eyes. 
You have fighted and won many battles. Some have been hardest than others, and only fighting in the latest, maybe you have see how strenght you have.
Maybe you haven’t realized that you have exceeded another point of no return, and the more you will go on, the more it will be hard.”

We have looking at Jules with wide eyes open, and it seemed that we were in total confusion. At who was looking at at the scene from outside, we have could seemed that we haven’t understand anything of what Jules was saying us, instead we having absorb it in the faster way possible. 
You have looked at me first, then you have thrown a glance toward Jules, then you have got back to look at me, and with a thread of voice, you have asked: “It have been HIM to…” 

You haven’t ended the sentence that Jules had nodded and he had put his black hand on your leg. 
It was useless explain him what were your emotion in those instants. Jules knew everything.
We both have looked at him, hoping he gave us more explications, and only after a couple of seconds in which he seemed search the right words, he have spoken.

“It is useless say you that HIM have always followed you in each steps you have done in your latest dimension, but when everything have ended, he knew that next dimension would been maybe the hardest, and only when he have appeared in my room, i have understand that i had to do something important. and so he have left that crystal ball. When the nucleus have appeared in the sky i didn’t have still comprehend the meaning of what he have left me, but when i seen the lights turned on in the apartment everything have been clearer, and from when you have decided to went down in street that i have followed you.”

All those words were running fast in our minds, and only when Jules have ended, we had understand that our time was about to arrive, and only when we have looked at the crystal ball, Jules have said: “Since when i have this i have studied the run of the nucleus. It is running always faster. We have to get prepare to leave at least in a week.” and ending with that sentence we have looked at each other speechless.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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