And you

That are looking at me so, and my heart is start to beat out of normal, and our connection is about to begin.
Slowly is becoming light, Our Parallel World is wrapping us, while  despite our distance our souls are about to touching. 
I feel your closeness always closer, and what we are feeling each other is flying. 
I feel you arms around my belly, and your eyes on this screen, while you are whisper the most sweetest words that i can hear.

Everything is rounding fast, but at the same time so slow. It’s incredible what you make me feel. 
I have to throw away all the air from the lungs.  
When i feel my heart beat like a crazy, it’s because even your is beating strong, and our connection from far is begining. 

The soft punch in the stomach is growing, and the lump in the throat is closing. 
Slowly is transforming is everything we wish.
Our souls are lifting in the sky, and little by little are about to touching, and we are waiting for it.

We know,  in that moment everything is vanish, and we are exists only us.
Everything is becoming lighter, and we can feel each other always closer. 
We can see us. You are stretching your hands, and delicately i take it. 
You pull me toward your body, and our foreheads touches, for a moment our eyes meet… and slowly your lips caress mine. 
We remain so for a while. We look at each other, and we got back in our bodies

Everything in those seconds is ours: our love, our emotions, our feelings. 
Our Parallel World.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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