Without ask: “What’s up?” that creature at our table, knew that in our minds thoughts were chasing each other without stop, and he was looking at us, waiting for that that process had ended.
We even knew that we may be so astonished, but we had to absorb quickly what we had comprehended.

While we were reasoning on what he had said us, we were tightening our hands, staring that fascinaiting creature whowithout shame, he was drinking  from one of the glasses what we had ordered.

You was the most curious to know all that matter, but you have remained in silence, but in someways, we both knew that soon or later he would have explained the contact with HIM.
In meanwhile, we were studying who we had in front.
What have impressed us have been his sinuos body with his thin hands that seemed dressing black gloves, but examining well they were not gloves, but just his own hands. 
He hadn’t anything of scaring, but only something of hypnotic, and in all that black his eyes were like two thin yellow headlight, and everytime he was look at us, we have remained enchanted.
It seemed that in his eyes there was another little universe. 

He have smiled us when he had noticed that he had drunk from both glasses, and we have remained all the time to stared at him without say anything.
He had understood that maybe it was time to show us something explaining something else.
He moved away the glasses from the centre of the table and he have pulled out from a sort of pocket from his body, something like a crystal ball, and our glances have moved from that creature to the little object that was in the middle of the table, and only when we have seen what waas turning inside of it, we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and immediately after the creature have removed that small crystal ball. Without explication we had understood what it was.

And in those seconds we have understand that now, it was time to leave the pub and got back in apartment, where we have would could talk without have any  prying eyes, and we have would make him, how many questions we have would wanted. First of  all, what was his name. 
And without have formulate that question, when we have came out from that pub, he have replied looking at us nodding. 

“Call me Jules”. Jules knew read the mind, but he have prefered acting normally.
When we have started to walk, by  instinct we have thrown a glance up to the sky, and what we have seen it was that same the Jules have made us see just few minutes ago in that small crystal ball in the pub, and unconsciously Jules have touched himself to check that that crystal ball was still inside that invisible pocket.

And when we have made him enter in the apartement, he seemed more relaxed, while we have said him sit down on that couch in front of that small table.

A bit thoughtful, he have looked at himself around, and he have looked at you while  you have accompanied me toward the sofa, and you taking off the leather jacket, you have asked me: “Beer?”
Smiling i have said yess, and only when you have got back with a tray with a beer and three glasses, Jules have blushed, almost  have shamed himself for have drunk from both glasses at the pub.
Despite his skin color, a pale green, we have noticed that he have blushed, but for get him comfortable, we have said him the thruth: “We have ordered  at the pub, but we have would not drink, so don’t worry. It’s ok.!” and so you have smiled him, and that instant the embarassement of Jules, have gone.

And only when we have drink the first sips of the beer, from his invisible pocket, Jules have pulled out once again that small crystal ball, and for the very first time, we have seen carefully that nucleus that was turning slow, even outside the big window of our aparment, and after of couple of minutes we have looked at each other, breathless with wide eyes open.”


Listen to it⇓⇓





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