When my

Heart have began to beat unregulary, i have understand that our connection was about to start. 
I have looked at you and i have feel your hands around my belly and everything around me have vanish. 

Tonight i have feel our electric shocks cross my minds so fast. What did you wanted say me?
They have crossed all my body, and i have thought to go crazy. 
It were many days that i didn’t have felt them so strong. 

In those seconds we were so close, i have could hear even your heart beating like a crazy. It was beating unison with mine.
I have hoped to see you, but you haven’t upload any video, but our connection have been strong and i know that you have feel it, as i did.

Now i have to throw all the air from the lungs, because i stil feel the aftermath, and they are really wonderful. 
My heart is still beating like a crazy, and i’m still think of you, and when i feel your arms around my belly, maybe it’s a crazyness, but i feel your closeness stronger.
Since tonight  our connection is more persistent, and  delicately our souls are touching, and they don’t want stick off one from another.

Everything its so beautiful.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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