Entered in that pub, we have looked at each other, surprised not much of how it it looked. 
Only the facade it was like that bar  in which everything have begun. Inside was total different, and when  we have opened the main entrance, the buzz that was charaterizing the inside of that pub, have stopped and all the glances of those creatures were set on us.

We had met some of them in street, but most of all the others were already at their umpteenth glass, and their drunkness was enough visible and audible.
It had very few of what we have remembered, but when we have see that wooden curtain at the bottom of the local we have held back the breathe, and you have took my hand and always running, as much we have could run in that crowded pub, we have taken sit at our table, and without thinking much you have sat next to me, making me put against the wall: the safest place. 
We remained in silence for  a couple of minutes, looking at us around in that nature made by noisy enormous creatures, and only when the Ogre fish at the counter, was announcing the ready orders, it seemed a treasure hunt, and only when everybody had taken what they had ordered, the Ogre fish have floated at the end of the counter and with a rough tone of voice, have asked “And you what do you want?” looking at us.

We knew that ask a simple couple glass of water, it was unthinkable, and with a impressive quickness, you have indicated some glasses that looked like contain beer. And you with the same roughness you have indicated a solitary half glass with the yellowish liquid  inside, and you have said: “Two of those!”, and without look at us much the Ogre fish, went away from his place, and only after a couple of minutes someone else have arrived with those glasses, he have placed them in front of and and he went away, not even looking at who he was serving, screaming something to the drunk creature who occupied the table at the centre. 

For a bit we remained in silence to stare the entire scene, and from what we had seen, we have understand that that creature was a habitual costumer of that pub, but what that have made us feel observed were two eyes set on us since when we entered and, little by little, it have came closer to the wooden curtain, and when he have looked at us through those slots, we have jolted.
And only when a voice have said: “Take me with you”, we have looked at each other astonished.

“That core is approaching always more” he have continued, staring at us throught the wooden curtains, and we have could only hear our hearts beating like two crazy, despite the great noise around us, and that demand was  so bizzarre, that we wanted know more, so you have invitated him to sitat our table.
For a bit, he have remained in silence where he was.
We knew that he was thinking about it, and maybe he knew us better than others there inside that pub , and only few seconds earlier that i was about encourage him to come at our table, a complete thin black creature have come in front to the table, and shyly he have sat on the round bench in front of us.

We knew that we had met that creature not by chance. Everything in those dimensions had a sense, and without ask anything we had only to wait that he made himself courage, and he would have explained us everything.
“I was walking in that alley when i seen the lights inside that aparment turning on, and it have been strange, because i didn’t have seen anyone enter in, then i have seen that core, and everything have been clearer. 
I had heard of you, but i have believed that they were metropolitan legends, but when i seen that core in the sky, i had to change my mind. Everybody here know there will be a no return point of the core, and everybody here in this pub, knows that when it come closer, it will be only for you, and someone  have told me that i would have been of help.”

He have left that latest sentence in suspension, and he have looked at us, and without make any reasoning, we have stared each other, and we have nodded. We had understand of who he was talkng about.
In the next dimension we have would  need of that creature, and without make further questions, we have looked at each other.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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