That strange milky way was directing our glances toward the sky over that part of the city the we had not ever explored and it was turning like a slow tornado, while we was looking at it aware that one day of these we have would taken that way. 
When you have placed yourself behind me, you have tightened me more, and only when we looking at that nucleus of stars, we had realized that the time was run in a  strange way.

Only few minutes ago, in bedroom the sun was blinding us, and only few minute later was already the darker evening.
We had decided to live in those dimensions, but only in those seconds we had realized that we were landed in a city that looked like the city in which we had met us,  but it was not the real one. 
Our apartment was a sort of a safe place that HIM had recreated with his own magic, for make us feel more confort, and we had to realize of that.

As much we were taken by us, we had totally forget that we were only in a magic bubble in which we had only to recharge ourselves.
After a moment in which you have tightened more to you, and i have kept your arms around my belly, you have turned me, and our glances have met, and then you have took my hand, and together we have sat on sofa, like the very first times, in silence, but we knew that we were thinking to the same thing.
And at the same instants we have thrown away all the air from the lungs.

In those moments the only thing the it have would calm us, was hearing our hearts beating unison.
We had stared that nucleus of stars and they were enough far from us, but without making too much calculations, we knew that it was slowly come closer, and when it would been  close enough, it have would  sucked us in his own twirl, and we have would see HIS blurry silhouette who have would opened that gate for the next dimension. 

We knew that process by heart, but we had not realized of that nucleus, and of his approachment, and we we had not examined it with the careful in which it had to being taken in consideration, and maybe, not even HIM wanted it. 
Maybe, everything was changed with the latest dimension. We had faced up to dangers bigger than the others, and now, we had to take control even of our available time, and don’t run the risk to find ourselves unprepared.
That’s why we had noticed that small nucleus of stars, and  we knew well that it was not a case, and after all those reasoning, we have tightened us more each other and at unison, we have sigh: “HIM”.

But now, after have learned that, you have sighed: “It’s still  far. We have to think to us”, and saying so, i came closer to you and i leaned my head on your chest, and you have started to speak sweetly, and only when you have started to tell me what have been your emotions when we have met again in the latest dimension, my thoughts about that nucleus have vanish completely, and when you have called me whispeing my name, i have lifted the face, and only when our glance have met once again,  you have caressed my skin, moving away a tuft of hair, you have said: “You are the most important thing that have happened in my life”, taking my hand kissing it, and breathless i have sighed your name, looking at you, and at end our lips have met each other in an endless kiss.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓




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