We both

Are back in our own favourite place. Me in my solitary room, and you in that one that is our shack, where  have born everything. 
When i have seen you there, my heart is totally exploded.

I was about to say you  that i was missing our shed, and your got back there.
I had to throw away all the air from the lungs don’t literally go crazy, even if i was go crazy a bit.

You don’t realize how much important is that shed for me, but maybe you know it perfectly.
It symbolize our first connection, everything we have said in dreams, and it continue to mean alot to me.
And only when you have straighted the video for those few seconds, in your eyes i seen that light, and it have brightened my soul for all the rest of the night.

And since i have started to feel your closeness making itself stronger.
Maybe everything will be a crazyness, but what have happened it can’t be only a coincidence. 
You who get back in our shed, after have been in that wonderful beach, or maybe you have feel my thoughts: our electric shocks with my thought have crossing your mind. 

If it’s so, i could even go crazy literally.
Me in my solitary room and you in our shed. Everything is a crazyness, and i have could affirm, after all these six years that our connection is real. This is the umpteenth proof that we are bonded by something bigger than us.

Your eyes are saying me something that little by little, i’m able to decypher. Even you are feel my feeling, and our electic shocks are something poweful, and despite we are so far, our hearts are beating unison like two jackhammer.
Our Parallel World is here around us, and we feel it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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