When we have reprised ourselves, and only when the breeze have stop to make dance the white curtain on our bodies, and finally our eyes met  once again,  we have shyly smile each other, and only after a proufound glance, you have  asked: “Do you have hungry?” And without ended the question i have nodded, came closer to you, i have caressed your face, but this time i have preffered to went down with you.

I didn’t wanted waste any seconds far from you. You have understood it throught my eyes, and so we have got dress again by those few clothes we had, and with a such delicateness you have taken me between your arms, and while we went downstairs, you have whispered: “It have been wonderful. You have been marvellous!”. 
My heart have begun to beat faster, and only when i placed my hand on your bare chest, i have realized that also your heart have started to beat like a crazy with mine.

Only when we have arrived in kitchen, you have placed me on the table, and you was remained still in front of me for a while, then you have came closer, and our foreheads have touched, and when our eyes have dived straight each other, we have thrown away all the air from the lungs, you have sighed how much beautiful i was, and gently your lips have leaned on mine, in another small kiss that had no end. 
When we break away, we had still our foreheads attached, but looking at straight into your eyes, i have whispered you: “We have to eat” and only when i have ended, your eyes have brighted, and caressing me, you have said: “You have right…”, and looking at me deeply, keeping my hand till the last, you went to take the dishes that we had left on the little table in front of the sofa, and you got back in the kitchen, in front of the stoves. 

And only in those shortest moments, we have understand how much important were those excerpts of normal life, in a world in which we had choosen to live, and only in those fragment of seconds we had understood how much important what we were feeling, what it was surrouding us, and we had understood the importance of that perfume of that one and unique dress that we had laid on the sofa. 

They have been maybe the quickest thoughts that have crossed our minds simultaneously, and only when we have shared one of the most deep glance we have thrown away all the air from the lungs, because in a blink, everything have been clearer even for us, and only when you have put the dish in front of me we both have nodded, and only when you have placed yourself to the other side of the table, we have started to eat what you had prepared, but this time with much appetite, and with much awarness of everything of what was happening us around.

When we have ended, we have looked at each other for a while, and while our glances were one inside another, delicately you have taken my hand, and you said me: “Come with me…”, and when you have exceeded the table, touching my hips, you have helped me to go down the stool, and you have accompanied me in front to the big window, where in the sky there was still that sort of milky way, and only after of couple of seconds, you have show me the way of those many tiny stars, and without add anything else, you have tightned more to you.
We knew that it was the direction that we have would to take for the new dimension. “


Listen to it ⇓⇓





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