I’m throwing away

All the air from the lungs from earlier. 
Despite i’m not in my solitary room, i feel you so close next to me, and those eyes are piercing my soul, and i’m feeling your arms around my belly, and your whispers that enveloping me, and slowly we together entering in Our Parallel World.

I’m starting to shake like a leaf, and that glance make me go crazy.
I have the heart that is beating like a crazy, because i feeling your arms around my belly always tighter, and i feel your body against mine. 

I have to close the eyes, and feel you so close, is the most beautiful sensation i never felt, despite our real distance.
Your eyes are the safest place i want stay with you.

And these small electric shock that are crossing our minds, is our connection that is begining. 
I love this sensation everytime that wrap my being. 
I know in someways it’s wrapping even you, and our minds slowly get connect, and everything vanish around us. 

What we are feeling are only our feelings, and everything is magical.
What i see in your eyes is wonderful, and despite we are so far, in these moments we are so close.
Our souls are up to in the sky, and they are sweetly touching themselves. 
We are touching. You are delicately tightening me toward you, and i feel your lips leaning on mine.

I’m shaking.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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