When we got back in bed room, everything seemed like new, and we have could touch our emotions. 
From the window was entering a fresh breeze, and the air was moving the white curtain, and without realizing, we were entering in an atmosphere where everything seemed amplified, and since you have leaned me on the bed, that atmosphere have enveloped us magically.

We have smiled each other nervously, but we knew what we were about to do.
That perfume had blinding our senses, and the breeze was dancing the curtains, and it seemed that we were entering in a soft white cloud, while your shirt was fluttering on your body, and the soft rustle of it entering in our ears, and our eyes didn’t wanted stick off each other, and our delicate touches were about to turn on  something inexplicable passionate. 

You had leaned me on that mattress, and right after you have placed yourself above me, laying yourself on your hands. After have looked at me silent, you have started to unfastened my shirt, so you have began to caress my belly, and after have looked at straight into your eyes and caress your face, reaching your tiny mole, i have started to unfastened that light white shirt you had on.
And so, our slow movements have merged with the breeze that was making dancing the big curtain on your body.

All of a sudden we have been enveloped by the white. It was like our intimacy had to restart from those delicate touches that each of us given to the other, looking at him into the eyes.
In those short moments, there were only tender kisses, and small laughs. Our glances were hid by the fluttering of the curtain that seemed wanted play with our bodies and make us going crazy more. 
Only our hands knew where go.

I had in hand one of flap of that your shirt, and slowly i was making slide it over your skin, and only when my hand have met your, you have taken it and delicate you have brought it over my head, lifting the shirt i had on, uncovering more my breast, and so delicately the both flaps of your shirt, have started to caress my bare skin, making me increase my breathe. 
Sweetly, then you have said: “Don’t move”, and among a fluttering and another, i have see you, and before you was vanish, you have found my lips, and when your mouth have leaned on mine, your have repeated your last sentence.

I have looked for hold you, but you have been quicker, but in your quickness, your delicateness have made me understand that you was going beyond my hips, and i have whispered your name, i don’t know how many times, as long my breathe has dead in throat, and only few instants later, what i was feeling have stopped, but immediately after that sensation have continued, as long, among my legs i was felt myself always more wet.

Only when i have seen your face once again, i was about to say you something, when i felt your penetration, and we have started to moan unison, always more with passion. 
Now our glances were straight one another, and i was carressing your face, while i was enjoying myself below your thrusts.
Thrusts that, sometimes, were delicate and sometimes of a wild roughness that they made me feel violated, but your kisses and your moans it were those that were making me feel in peace with everything we had around, and only when we were reaching the orgasm, we have stopped just one second, but in that second we both have whispered our names, and in the eyes of who we had in front, we had seen the most beautiful soul with which we wanted stay with, and only when we have reached the climax, we had reached the calmest place in which we wanted stay together.

When slowly the contractions have vanished, we have take to breathe again, and you have looked at me, sighing my name. I didn’t want stick off my eyes from your, and when kindly, i have touched your face, you have confessed me how much you was love me, and delicately you have kissed me once again.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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