My heart

Has begun to beat like a jackhammer when i felt your closeness around, and i felt your hand tight my belly, and our heads are get connected in the faster way.

I hear you, your whispers inside my soul, and your hands that have touching my hips, and you have pulled my little body toward your.

In those instants i seen you and your sweet mother who have commented what i wrote.  
It have been a beautiful sensation.
And your words about me.

The soft punch in the stomach is growing fast. 
Our Parallel World is lifting around us, and even you are feeling it
Our small electric shocks are crossing our minds.

I see Sowelo around, and it is brightening around us. 
Our wonderful emotions that we only us can feel. 
You know what i’m feeling for you and it’s always more growing, and i whisper it to you. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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