When we have realized that we hadn’t touched food yet, we both have blushed together, and slowly and with a such delicatness, you held the breathe, then have thrown away it from the lungs, and only at end only when you got up on your feet, you have took my hand and you helped me to stand up, once again and this time, you have said: “We have to eat something.” and looking at the hand you was holding, you have made the first steps toward the kitchen, and like the first times, you went behind the table and with a such ease you have prepared something quick but nutritious. 

We have looked at each other, at each our stomach mumurs, and we shared shy smiles. 
I sat on the stool and i was looking at you, and everytime our glances meet, it was a new emotion that have made us left breathless. It seemed that we had living that condition for the very first time. It was like our hearts were beating their first beats, and it was the first time that we were living those instants.

Without realizing, we have renewing our love with the simpliest gestures that we have could do.
And when you have looked at me with the dishes in hands, you have said: “Wait!”. You have brought the dinner in your favourite corner, then you got back to me and when our smiles have made bright more the room, you have took my hand, and eventually, we went to eat. 
But what we wanted do only, was breathing the breathe of  who we had next to us.

Got back in the apartment, we have fallen  in a sort of magical bubble, where every small thing we have making, was amplifying our feeling one for another, and each time remained breathless.
It was the most beautiful sensation that we have could feel, and we wanted seize the day, without asking us anything. 
But after being wrapped by a new emotion, we have looked at each other, and in those shortest time, we had the fully awarness, that everything this, was the preparation for the next dimension, and without realizing we have thought to the same thing, and for a while that it have lasted just few seconds, it have enveloped us the complete fear, but like it arrived, it went away.

But right after, you have taken my hand, and have kissed it, and all of a sudden the perfume of that leather jacket, have deleted those bad thoughts, and simultaneously we have thrown a glance toward it.
From that moment we have knew that it have would accompanied us in all that period in our apartment, and in someway it would have been a sort of ferryman of the most beautiful sensations in that our stay.
It would have made us remember part of our lives together, and make us feel again those emotions like the first time. 

We have understand it immediately after, when all of sudden, outside the big window we have seen falling the night, and our hearts have began to beat like two jackhammer, and our glances didn’t wanted stick off one from another.
All of sudden, we found ourselves sat on the couch, and the lights of the city were entering through the window, and only when i looked at backward, i have heard you say: “Please stay”, i have had a thud in my heart, because it have been the first phrase you have said when you have invited me in the apartment, and only after, i dived myself straight into your eyes, i have throw away all the air from the lungs, and i taken your hand, and only after a couple of seconds in silence, i have brought it on my leg. 

Unconsciously, i knew that i had to reply, and when only  i have come closer to you, i have sighed: “Certainly, i remain…”, and our glances have remained one inside another, as long our hearts got calm.
And after an endless minute, you have kissed me passionately, and then you have brought me upstairs, leaving everything how it was.”


Listen to it⇓⇓




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