Since i woke

I have felt your embrace. Your arms that have tightened me always more the belly, and our connection have began from there.
And they is accompanying me all day.
I have to throw away all the air from the lungs, for don’t crazy. 
Our connection is get strong, always more, and now that the hour has coming closer, i feel our minds slowly  explode, and your closeness is around always more. 

I close the eyes and i feel your arms tightening me more the hips.
I’m biting my lips, knowing that you are thinking a bit to me, and our hearts are beating unison faster.
Our Parallel World is raising around us, and our souls are lift up to the sky, and slowly they are touching, and in those seconds we make love, while our souls are merging one in another, and we waiting for that small double number, and in those seconds, we can feel our bodies closer, despite our real distance.

We have to throw away all the air  from the lungs, while the real connection is about to began. 
My head is exploding, and our electric shocks are crossing our minds, and we feel us closer than usual. 

I want think that in someway, the end of the video of this morning, you have made it thinking to me. I had this perception, and maybe i didn’t have wrong.
I’m think to you strong in these minutes, and i know you are doing the same.
With the heart crazy, i whisper your name, and you tight me strong the hips.
Our Parallel World is around us.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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