That “We are still here” seemed resounding in the whole apartment, but  above all in our hearts and it seemed got calm us.
We wanted taste each seconds of that moment, and so you have looked at me in the way you knew that i loved so, and i came closer to you, and you have welcomed me once again in your arms, and  we have remained so still for a while.

Around us, the city was waking itself and very slow the buzz of it, have entered inside the bedroom, while a light breeze have made move the white curtains.
It seemed that we were in waiting of something from outside, or that someone had to call us, but anything of this have not happened.
We were hearing the noises of that city that seemd invite us to exit. They were calm sounds and they seemed  there were no other creatures, but only noises of a normal city that slowly was got up, and those buildings that we have could see outside the window, seemed to the buildings next to the yellowish building in which there that apartment.

That idea have jumped in our heads several time in the shortest time possible, but then remain in bed have been the best thing that we have could do.
Stay in a enviroment that we knew better than of our pockets, and then i had need to feel you next to me in a strong way. Even only looking at you it was the best thing that my body, but above all my mind and soul have demanding, and now even only dive into your eyes, it was the best way to remove all bad things i had seen during those latest hours in that dimension, and you knew what i wanted remove, and only when i have looked at you deeply straight into your eyes, you have sweetly smiled me, and you have sighed:” Come closer”, and you have embraced me tighter.

Even if we had not eat yet we have remained in bed for a long period, and that cozy status, it have followed us for  several time.
Only when our stomachs have started to ask us something, we have looked at each other, and we given us strenght, and we got out from the bed.
And despite we would not have go out, we have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and we went down.

Sweetly you have said: “Come on” and you have helped me to stand up. Only in front of you, i have looked  down, and only i have felt your hand on my face, i have whispered your name, and our eyes met, you have assured me: “I don’t go away”, then you have caressed my face, and softly  your lips have leaned on mine.

When we have break away each other, seemed that our glances didn’t wanted stick off one from another, but only when i thrown away that few oxygen from the lungs, you have taken me among your arms, and that little magic have accomplished: your arms have taken me and i have held myself at your neck. 
Everything it was so beautiful. 
Everything we had need were those little gestures: in someway get back to the normality. 
Our normality. Being surround by those emotions that had underlined all our story from the begin. 
Even feel a heart beat out of normal, it was charging us. 

And now downstairs, that perfume  that we had recognized in your leather jacket, had turned on some beautiful rembembers. You have took it, and you have put it on, and i have started to remember, the very first time you have said me that you would wanted see where i lived, and only when you have took off it, you have gave it to me, and you have sat next to me, remembering the way in which we had made love.

We were went down to eat, but that perfume, that leather jacket, had woken again all those wonderful emotions, and at end we given food to our souls.”



Listen to it⇓⇓


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