In these hours, in these instants, i feeling your closeness stronger than ever. 
My head is about  to explode in at any time. 
I have felt our connection explode around and i have felt your arms around my belly tightened me stronger than usual. The soft punch in the stomach is growing always more, and our heads, our minds are connected since before everything have started.
When it’s so, i would like only scream what you make me feel, but i imagine you already know it.

I have to throw away all the air from the lungs to calm me.
And only when i dive myself into those blue eyes i think that even you are feeling the same, and everything around us is what we have buildt six years ago and we still building.

My heart is beating at unison, and we only know it us. That extra beat out of rythm, are our souls that raising up to the sky, they touch fast and delicately, then they return inside our bodies, and what we feel immediately after is the heat of that touch, and  we have the confirmation that Our Parallel World exist for real. It’s only our and there we lives by our emotions. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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