– ♦♦♦ –

After relived that first moment of life together, you have looked at you around and without say anything, you got up, and looking at me profoundly, you have taken among your arms, and you have brought me in the bedroom upstairs, and there you have leaned me soflty. Just few seconds later, you have placed yourself next to me.

Since when we had exceded that redbrick wall we had not say a word, and how it was going, we hadn’t any desire to speak. 
They were speaking only our glances and our breathes, and very ocassionally our hands, when our emotions were about to explode at the maximum. 
We have touched only few times, but we both have fallen asleep when our lips touched delicately, and you have embraced me tight, and your perfume of your skin have enveloped me, and i have place one of my hand on your white shirt, making it slide inside of it. And so we have fallen asleep for the first time, after that long journey of comeback, and we have closed the eyes with the awarness that the next day we have would could dedicate all the time to what more we wanted.

But only when our unconscious had won over the conscious, we have lived again part of what we had lived few hours ago, but this time at the opposite, and only in this way we have ended the circle of that last experience.
Several times i have whispered your name, and i came closer to your body, and you have tightened me stronger, as if you wanted protect me.
And only when you have embraced me stronger, my breathe got calm, and that perfume of that only dress, it have entered in my lungs, making open the eyes, they have meet your just for a couple of seconds, then slowly i have turned myself toward the opposite side, and i fallen asleep again.

When the soft light of the sun have entered  in the bedroom, you have opened the eyes, and everything you had dreamt very slowly was vanishing, but the image of the born of the Golden Griffin was a well definied image on your mind, and only  when the last picture in your mind have completely vanish, you have turned the face toward me, and delicately you came closer, and with one arm, you have sweetly kept me against your body, and in silence you have heard my low breath, figuring what i was dreaming in that moment, but when i have perceived  your body come closer, my breathe have increased, i have opened the eyes, but i wanted remained how i was. In that wonderful sensation that was your soft half embrace, but i have made you understand that i woke mumbling and moving me always more next you.

And only when i could not go more backward, slowly i turned and i have felt your skin against mine, and your shirt have been like a soft cloud that have wrapped me again, i lifted the face and finally our glances have met each other, and almost simultaneously, delicately we have thrown away the air from the lungs, as if we were not seen us from long time. 

Only a low: “Hi” have filled our hearts that have starts to beating faster, and i have sighed: “We are still here”, and you have nodded, placing one finger on my mouth. 
And only when you have made understand that that magical atmosphere was created by only our emotions, you have whispered: “You are so beautiful” and your lips have leaned on mine.”



Listen to it⇓⇓


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