– •• –

We have still turned ourselves inside that dark long pathway, and the only thing we could do, was staring at us straight into the eyes. 
In that moment we knew that we had to only focus on us, and in that moment we had to and we wanted know that we were still us, and despite everything we had faced up to, we had made it. 
We hadn’t say anything yet and we knew that the words would been unnecessary, as the past journeys, what was important was that we were got back together.

In that journey of comeback, inside that dark cyclone the only things that made us feel alive, were our harts that beating unison, and that far perfume that we had almost forget and it have given us the strenght to think to the same place, and maybe it was there that HIM was bringing us.
A perfume of one only dress that have always charaterized that place that you had called our apartament, since you have invited me from the very first time.

Our hearts have begun to beat stronger, when those thought have crossed our minsd simultaneously.
We had almost forget, that the more we went on, the more all difficulties would become harder, and our energies would been put hard proof, and only when we looked at each other, almost we have heard HIM say: “You have to rest, recharge your energies”, and without realize, you have took my hand and trought that magical invisible pathway, we have exceeded that redbrick wall, and you have accompanied me to that brownish leather sofa in your favorite corner of our aparment. 

And as if nothing happened, you have sat on it, and you have looked at me for a few seconds while i was still in front of you. But delicately you have taken my hand, and i have sat next to you.

Everything was a dejà-vù.
My nervouness, you who have looked at each my slow moves, the same glances, our silences, our uncoscious desire to being kissed.
Everything, even the smallest particulars, it have remembered the first time you have opened the door of “your apartment” to me, and we who couldn’t exit from that strange situation, because even us, were got back in time, and we were living  it that for very first time.

That silence was full of  emotions that we could perceive on our skin, and that perfume that inebriate our senses always more. Maybe that perfume it was the only refer point that we had to keep in mind to get back in the present, but now, those emotions were stronger than us that  we have let go round us.

I found myself to stare at your white shirt for a bit, and then you with shyness, have invited me to lean on you, and as the first time, very slow, i placed my hand on that white shirt, hearing your heart start beating always stronger, and when my shameness gone, i have slide it inside of it, and your hand have started to tight my hip, and only when i have lifted the glance toward you, you have came closer to me, and when your lips were about to kiss mine, you have sighed my name so sweetly, that i have thought to go crazy, and in those shortest time, our eyes have meet each other and right after you have kissed me with a such sweetness, that our souls have merged one another once again, and that feeling that, anybody else would have call love, it was something bigger than love itself, it have left us breathless.

When we have break away one from another, we have looked at straight into the eyes, and in that instant we have undestand that have been HIM to have made us dive ourselves in that precise moment of our life together, and relive those magical seconds to face up that one that it would been our new adventure.

But we even knew, that we have would had  still time for us, and without hurry, you have pulled me toward you and you have kissed me once again, while that flow of  emotions were running inside of us like the very first time that we given ourselves a kiss.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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