– ♥-

We were still asleep on that small couch in the aparment of Roger and  Margaret, when all of sudden, you woke and from that window in front you have noticed something that have catched your attention, and in your deep, you knew that it was for us.

You have continued stared it, till your heart have started to beat like a crazy, and slowly have started to sigh my name.
I was still sleeping leaning down on your chest, and despite i have heard your heart run like a train, i haven’t open the eyes, but when you have caressed me a couple of times calling me, i have decide to open them.
I have looked at you, but despite i had the glance pointed on you, you haven’t stick off the eyes from that point that you was staring for a while.

Sleepy, i hadn’t realized what you was looking at, only after whispered your name, a blinding light have wrapped us and in those seconds i have only heard your voice, that was saying: “I hold you!” , and only few seconds later, i haven’t seen anything, just  that blinding light that was lifting me up to the sky, but i was feeling your arms that have tightening strong my hips.

We were leaving definitely Roger, Margaret, Jabe and the Golden Griffin.
Entering in that blinding white light, it  was like cleaning our minds from all bad remembers that we had lived there, but it was what we hadn’t to.
We knew that exceeded that blinding light, another pathway was waiting for us.

I was feeling your arms tightened well on my hips, but i couldn’t see you, but i knew that is only question of time. 
That white light was only, the last borderline of that dimension, and that beyond of it, it woud been  the darkness darker with only our lights, and we have would travel  till the next dimension that HIM would wanted make us meet.
And now we had to only waiting for to exit from that tunnel for see us again, while  for those moment, our hands were our unique way  to make us understand that we were still together.

We turned inside that fast twirl, and our breathes increased. And only you have been capable to kiss me, immediately after we have fallen in the dark, wrapped by a sort a milk way of a such beauty, and really slow, you have been to distinguish my being, and sweetly you have called me. 
I had still the eyes closed, and only when you have delicately touched my face, you have sighed my name, i have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and carresing the hand on my face, i have opened the eyes, and when i seen your glance, i have sweet smiled, and when your forehead have touched mine, you have whispered: “We have  came out”, and looking at me around, i have realized that we were wrapped by our lights: lights  of what were feeling in those moments. 
Moments that we were living only us, and they were bringing us very far. 
Toward another  unknown dimension.

Only when Roger and Margaret were about to come back in their apartment, have noticed a wonderful white stripe in the sky  that all of a sudden have vanished, they have looked at each other, and Margaret have whispered: “They are gone”, and looking at Roger, she have looked for a safe place where stay to stare the sky. 
And that place was among her beloved arms. 
Roger looking at the last particle, have thanked us in silent.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐– Epilogue –

– •• –⇒

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