If ever – 36th open letter to Luke

I have had a strong connection with someone, is been with you, when we have started our strange way of communication six years ago, from that moment it have never stop, on the contrary, it have grow always more. 
Each time it’s a twirl of emotions, and i can’t control them.

Inside me, borning emotions that i had forget from long time, instead when i feel our connection around, everything born again, and what i feel it’s like a river flow from the mountain, and his  powerful flow of water are those emotions that makes me feel alive, and they make beat strong my heart.
And when the heart beat strong, it’s the most beautiful  sensation that i can feel. 

I’ve tried to explain many times what i feel, but each time i find myself to write the same things, but i don’t believe that what i feel may be explain in words. 

It’s a sensation that start from the self deeper, and only when that smallest part of the mind is open, everything is lighter, clearer, and i don’t believe that happen always, but when that door have been opened, hardly will be closed.

Our connection have born one night in August of six years ago: i remember well, and from that evening, those eletric shocks have crossed our minds, and since from that evening, i knew that you  was about to write something on twitter or to publish something on Instagram.
Everytime i remained speechless.

And i remain still breathless, when i have dreamt you and you have said me you had broke up with your girlfriend, and you have said me to keep it only for me. I have kept it for one whole year.
When i have wanted checked it the next day, i didn’t wanted believe it. It was true.

At begin  i have believed that were only coicidences, but the more the time went on, the more these things  have happened always often, and only after i have seen you inside the same shed i had dreamt few months earlier, very slow i have conviced that something important have happened between us. 

I always had the conviction that have been you to thrown the first fishing hook when you have sent me the first and the only tweet that you have wrote me, and from there, day by day, week by week, month by month and finally year by year, very slowly, something bigger, is exploded in that evening of August, and the rest have came alone.
That evening, the Universe, despite our real distance, have wanted unite us in this strange, but marvellous way.
And now, everytime we feel those emotions, our closeness it’s because the great Universe put us in front each other, and despite all, we know that we are one in front another. 

Like in this instant, and everything become Our Parallel World, where our emotions expanding, and we feel our heart beating like crazy, and we become one part another.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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