Here you

Again. After what i wrote yesterday, you arrive with our emotions all around, and your closeness, despite our distance.

Your arms around my belly, and our minds starts to get connect, and that soft punch in the stomach is growing fast, and the lump in the thorat close all.

Our heads are turning fast, and everything vanish, despite i’m not in my solitary room.
I turning and i see you there, sat in that chair and your eyes are set on mine. 

I throwing away all the air from the lungs, and i see your silhouette lift itself, and slowly  perceive your hands are tightening me, and you are reading what i’m writing in this moment.
I can perceive your breathe wrapping my being. 
I close the eyes, and i hear your voice whisper my name.
You sigh: “Stop”, and very slow you turn me.

Our eyes meet, your arms tight more my hips, and our slow dance begin. 
I have my face down, but sweetly, you lift it, and what we see in our eyes is Our Parallel World. 
You take my hand, and put place inside your shirt. 
Your heart beat like mine. 
Everything it’s so beautiful. 

Let’s remain so. Wrap by our emotions, our perfumes, but above all by our feelings.
Wrapped by what we feel for each other.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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