And with that

Glance, those eyes, you make me travel toward Our Parallel World, and make me think always more that you read all my little messages that i send you, and make me understand it, and you make me remain breathless. 

Thanx to these small signs, i know that Our Parallel World is closer that we can imagine. 
My head is about to explode, and looking at the clock 19&19 is around, and our connection is stronger than before. 

We both without realizing, throwing away all the air from the lungs, and sweetly i feel your arms around my belly, and from behind you are whisper the most sweet words i can hear around my being. 
I close the eyes and i feel you turning me, and finally our eyes meet. 
I sigh your name, and you whisper mine. 
You take my hand and you make it slide it inside that white shirt. 
I look at that gesture, then you lift my face,  and slowly our forehead touch, and around us, everything vanish. 

Delicately i touch your tiny mole, and kindly your lips come closer to mine and you start to kiss me as you never done before. 
Together we take the flight and Our Parallel World is waiting for us.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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