– 30 –

That punch have left everybody upheaveled, and only when the attacked have have reprise himself, have looked at Roger for a while and immediately after have started to makes punches, and it have began a real fight against that leader and and who have kept him underfire till that moment.

Just  few seconds after in that City Hall room have born fights between those big creatures and our group, but how the villains moving, they seemed in minority, even if it was the exact contrary, and who put them in great agitation, were the nimbles creatures, who seemed being multiplied, as much fast they were.
Even you have made your part. 

At end of that scuffle, where somebody of both side, have been wounded, you have pointed your weapon straight in the face of the most exhausted creature, and you have said: “Wantt we continue?”, placing yourself ahead of the window, makìng see in this way the peak of the mountain, and the light that have coming from there. 
And when you have opened the window, the Golden Griffin have issued once again his re-call, have resounded in the big room, and when the walls of the big room have shaked, have shake even the villains with their leaders, 
It seemed that the Golden Griffin have given them a last opportunity to leave the city, ALIVE.

With Roger, you had assisted to this very first action of protection of the Griffin, adding only your glance in which the good wins on the bad, but it haven’t been enough the scream of Golden Griffin to convice those two for lay down their weapons. 
With a moves that have deceived everybody, one of those creatures have been capable to take one small knife on the table and wound one of  the nimble creature who walking next to him, checking the perimetre. 
He have been so quick, but likewise have been also you, and without thinking, you have shooted him, and he have fallen on the ground bloody.

Everybody have been shocked by your quickness, and even the other leader of the villains have remained petrified, and now he was looking at you with a bit of fear. 
At their eyes, you was the weaker of the group, but now you was seen like the most dangerous, and even in those seconds, Roger was estimasting, and he was putting you at his same level of crazyness. 
He was looking at you smiling proud of what you had done. 

Right after you have shooted him, you have run to the nimble creature and you have looked for stop the blood that have coming out from the belly of that creature among your arms.
You had snatched another piece of your shirt to bandage the wound, but the nimble creature was loosing too much blood, and even if you was trying to do something, in your deep, you knew that he have wouldn’t make it, and in fact in few minutes the nimble creature have died, not before have sighed: “You don’t permit them to win”, and saying this, the light in the eyes of that creature have turned off, and the latest strenghts have left that body, and those arms that one second earlier have kept you, have fallen on the ground.

Right after a general glance, you have lay down the dead body, and you got up, and going to Roger you have asked him: “Can i?” and Roger have immediately understand what you have would do, he  nodded, but he have followed you from behind, and then you have came closer to that creature who had still the knife in hand, and looking at you, he have asked you: “What you would want do?”, and with a really fast move, that neither you have knew explain to yourself, have took that knife with the curved blade, and without efforts you have cutted the throat of that creature in front of you, and very slow, looking at him straight into his wide eyes open, you have said: “Here it is what i wanted do”, and  with the ice in the veins, you have looked at him die, slaughtered by his own weapon.

You have looked at him dying, and have threw that knife on his body that in a blink, have becoming dust, and making understand Roger you wanted to go. You have stop next to the dead nimble creature, and gently, you have taken him, and in a sigh, you have said: “Let’s go away from here”. 
Roger was still upheaveled for what you have been capable to do, and after have looked at you, he nodded. 



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